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CustMbite proudly offers the CustMbite Cares program to aid schools and other not-for-profit organizations with offering a “give-back” fundraising opportunity, or with assistance in finding a sponsor to provide mouthguards to youth or at-risk members.

Fund-raising “give-back” program

If you are a school or other not-for-profit organization, CustMbite can work with you to directly sell MVP mouthguards to your members, friends and family.  After the conclusion of your sales effort, CustMbite will give-back a percentage of your sales as a cash donation to your school or organization.

Sponsored Mouthguards Program

CustMbite will work with your organization to find a local charity or private donor to fund the purchase of CustMbite MVP mouthguards for your school or organization’s youth or at-risk members.

For more information about the CustMbite Cares program, please contact us at info@custmbite.com or 908-400-4690

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