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Why should I use an athletic mouthguard?
Mouthguards benefit children and adults, amateur, professional or hobby athletes. Participants of any sport where there is a chance of impact with other players, or equipment, or the possibility of serious injury should consider a mouthguard.

How is the MVP different from other store-bought mouthguards?
The CustMbite MVP mouthguard offers athletes the equivalent of a dentist custom-made mouthguard at an off-the-shelf price. For more info on what sets the MVP apart, please click here.

How do I fit my CustMbite MVP mouthguard?
You can fit your MVP mouthguard with a microwave, a hair dryer or boiled water.
Click here for MVP mouthguard fitting instructions and
Click here for MVP mouthguard fitting demo video.

Can I wear my MVP mouthguard on my bottom teeth?
Yes! If you need top and bottom tooth coverage, simply use two CustMbite MVP Mouthguards.

Can I wear my MVP mouthguard over braces?
Yes! The CustMbite MVP is the only off the shelf mouthguard to give a custom fit over fixed orthodontic appliances (braces). And… you can refit your MVP as your teeth move.

How do I care for my CustMbite MVP mouthguard?

  1. The CustMbite mouthguard can be cleaned using cold water, lightly brushing with a toothbrush.

  2. Always store the CustMbite in its protective case which is perforated to allow air to circulate, mouthwash is optional.

  3. To avoid distortion and maintain a good fit, do not expose the CustMbite to high temperatures or hot surfaces.

  4. When wearing your mouthguard you should not chew on it. This action can rip, tear, or pierce a guard and, as a result, compromise the level of protection it provides.

How can I purchase the MVP Mouthguard?
The CustMbite MVP mouthguard is currently available direct from the manufacturer.
Click here for CustMbite MVP ordering information, or contact us at orders@custmbite.com.

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