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Finally! A custom fit, off the shelf mouthguard,
without the need for a dentist impression!!

CustMbite brings you the latest innovation in an athletic mouthguard.

Product Features

  • A custom made fit for an off the shelf price.
  • Precision fit with no speech or breathing impairment.
  • All the protection and shock absorption you would expect from a custom made
  • Same great custom fit over fixed Orthodontic appliances (braces).
  • Can be formed over either the upper or lower teeth.
  • Available in adult and youth sizes in a range of colors.
  • Ample working time to fit the mouthguard including the ability to refit if needed.
  • Latex free.
  • Cannot chew through the mouthguard.
  • Cool to the touch when fitting in the mouth.


"Thank you for creating this great mouthguard. The wait was worth it.  For years I have struggled with poorly fitting mouthguards for patients wearing braces. This new guard fits more like a custom made guard made off of an impression. The kids that have tried it claim they can speak and more importantly breath easier with it.  The other advantage is that the material can be reformed many times without breaking down like the other materials. This is really important for orthodontic patients undergoing active tooth movement. Great Product!
Richard Mariani, Past President South Florida Orthodontists


Just wanted you to know that I just used the mouthguard today.  I had a dental injury with one of the football players.  He broke his two front teeth and had them fixed this morning.  I stored the custmbite mouthguard away for a rainy day.  After following the instructions, the athlete stated that the mouthguard felt better than the custom fitting ones made by our dentist.  I won�t tell him that, but the athlete really liked the way it fit around his gums and on the new dental work he had done.

Thanks again.

LaShaunta' Jones MBA, ATC, LAT

Head Athletic Trainer, Central State University

CustMbite, LLC
20 Glover Ave 1st Floor
 Norwalk, CT 06850