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People say about CustMbite mouthguards...

Hi Monroe,
Thank you for creating this great mouthguard. The wait
was worth it. For years I have struggled with poorly fitting
mouthguards for patients wearing braces. This new guard fits more like a
custom made guard made off of an impression. The kids that have
tried it claim they can speak and more importantly breath easier with
it. The other advantage is that the material can be reformed many
times without breaking down like the other materials. This is really
important for orthodontic patients undergoing active tooth movement.

Great Product!
Dr. Richard Mariani, Orthodontist, Past President Florida Orthodontist Association

With a product like this I don't know if I will ever see a reason to go through the time consuming and expensive process of custom fabricating mouth guards on study models in my office ever again".
Dr. Tom Lenz, Dentist in Virginia

I have completed the mouth guards for our local high school and I must say they were a hit! The best part is they are finished the same day I started. I don't have 25-30 hours of processing, delivery of the conventional mouth guards and clean up of the remaining mess. A surprising answer was found. Well surprising to me because I had a hard time believing something this easy could be that good. The results of my question, 8 out of 10 thought that this mouth guard was more comfortable and just as retentive as the thermal plastics used previously".
Dr. Curt Mitchem, University of Illinois Dentist

"We at Rutgers plan to put it on all our teams who require them. Please feel free to tell other colleges etc."
Dr. Robert Monaco, Director of Sports Medicine, Rutgers University

Dr. Elkin,
"After sampling other mouthguards on the market I am convinced that yours is the finest,
most comfortable sports mouthguard. I went mountain climbing and rappelling all day with no problem with breathing or slippage of the device. I even forgot I had it in my mouth until I
had to drink or eat."

Robert Burke, Athletic Trainer

"I have actually gone through the process of molding the mouth guard – I must say it is easy and the outcome is excellent – clearly the quickest, easiest and one providing a quality, custom fit. Significantly impressed.

USA Field Hockey
Technical Director for High Performance

I've been meaning to send along this comment for a while, but this has been my first chance. I had the opportunity to be molded into a custmbite mouth guard at the EATA conference in January. At that time I had been looking into paying for a dentist made custom mouth guard for protection in participation of jiu jitsu. I was skeptical about the custmbite because I have an irregular shaped mouth that is slightly too big for a traditional boil and bite youth mouth guard but is way to small for the adult size. I have been using various mouth guards for my whole athletic career, but have always struggled with a proper fit. The custmbite fit perfectly the first time and continues to fit perfectly to this day. I can breath, speak and drink without any interference when wearing the custmbite and there is absolutely no slippage and I don't feel like I have to make an effort to keep it in place. To me, that's very important when my attention is focused on submitting my opponent. As an athletic trainer, I recommend the custmbite to my athletes and as an athlete I recommend the custmbite to my friends. Thank you very much!
Kerri Krasnow

MSHSL Position Regarding NFHS Rule 4-2-6—Tooth and Mouth Protector or wrestlers with braces: /November 4, 2008 Update/*

The National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) wrestling rules for the 2008-2009 school year includes a rule, Rule 4-2-6 on page 18, requiring a high school wrestler with braces or a special orthodontic device to wear a tooth and mouth protector to cover the device(s).  The rule requires a tooth and mouth protector for both the upper and lower teeth if braces are present on both.

It is important for the wrestling community to be aware that the intent of the mouth guard usage in this situation is meant to protect the athlete with braces from cutting of the buccal mucosa inside of the cheeks with any trauma.  Also, it is meant to protect an opponent who may inadvertently be exposed to the braces via performing specific moves, i.e. a cross face or when the individual places their face in close proximity to an opponents body.

The mouth piece should cover all potentially exposed areas of the braces.  This may mean the piece could be trimmed for comfort and may not even touch the rear molars.

Consider these sources for proper mouth pieces:

  • Dentist or Orthodontist
  • www.custmbite.com

Several of these may require upper and lower pieces to be fitted.  The custmbite has the advantage of being a little bit more malleable and possibly easier to fit.

NFHS wrestling rule 4-2-6 will be enforced beginning Friday, January 4th, 2008.

posted 12/18/07

revised 1/9/08

revised 1/18/08

revised 11/4/08

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