Gentle Whitening Foam


Get noticeably whiter teeth with our premium Gentle Whitening Foam, designed for sensitive teeth with an 8% peroxide level.

  • GENTLE FOR SENSITIVE TEETH - CustMbite Whitening Foam is designed for sensitive teeth and gums with an 8% peroxide level.
  • WHITER TEETH - You will get noticeably whiter teeth with our premium whitening foam.
  • MILD ENOUGH TO SLEEP - CustMbite Whitening Foam is so mild that you can sleep with it. Use with either custmbite whitening trays, nightguards, retainers or aligners.
  • MINT FLAVORED - The whitening foam has a refreshing mint flavor so it's comfortable in your mouth and leaves you with minty fresh breath.
  • EASY TO USE - Just apply up to a full pump and spread out evenly across your tray.  
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