How to Know When It's Time to Whiten

Time to Whiten?

It can be hard to tell if it's time to whiten your teeth. Read on to learn some tricks to know when it's time! 
1. You're a Coffee-Lover ☕️
If you're a regular coffee drinker, it could be time to whiten your teeth. Teeth can turn yellow over time from drinking coffee regularly. If this is you- then it's recommended to fight coffee stains with whitening at least once a month.
2.You're a Wine-Lover 🍷
Drinking wine can stain your teeth over time. For short-term results, remove the purplish stains from your teeth by swishing around water in your mouth. For a more extensive approach, at-home teeth whitening can remove stains and brighten your smile. 
3. You Don't Like Brushing Your Teeth
If your dental hygiene isn't at the top of your to-do list, it could be time for a whiten. Teeth whitening helps to kill bacteria and plaque that can build up on your teeth and gums. Teeth whitening is a great way for anyone to up their hygiene game. 
4. You See Stains
If you see stains on your teeth that regular brushing can't remove, it's time for a whiten! The CustMbite teeth whitening kit can take care of these stains over night, resulting in an instantly whiter smile. 
Regular teeth whitening with CustMbite products can bring back the confidence you need in your smile. Overall if you're feeling your smile could be brighter, it's time for a whiten! Check out the full selection of CustMbite products