Fitting and Usage Instructions



Before microwaving, place the unmolded tray over your upper teeth. Practice placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth and sucking the air from the tray. This suction motion will allow the tray to form to the contours of your teeth when hot, providing you with a tight fit. Once you are comfortable with the motion, proceed to the steps below.

Fill a bowl with cold water and dampen a paper towel. On a microwave-safe plate, wrap the nightguard in the paper towel, making sure to tuck portions of the paper towel into the crevices of the nightguard. This helps to make sure that the edges do not fold into themselves.

Place the plate with the wrapped nightguard in the microwave and heat for 30 seconds. Remove with caution: Plate and nightguard will be hot.

Delicately grab the nightguard from the plate, being careful not to crush it, and submerge in cold water for 1-2 seconds. Quickly place the nightguard back onto the plate and unwrap.

Place nightguard in mouth and bite down lightly, using the suction motion that was practiced previously.

Press nightguard to both the front and back of teeth with fingers, forming teeth impressions.
If you have braces, do NOT press or suck nightguard against teeth. Nightguard will form naturally around braces.

Close lips for one minute to ensure a tight, comfortable fit.


  • To shorten nightguard, trim the back/molar edges and repeat fitting instructions.
  • To lengthen nightguard, pinch the back/molar edges, gently stretch and repeat fitting instructions.
  • Nightguard can be remolded unlimited times.

Teeth Whitening Kit


Before whitening teeth, follow nightguard instructions to mold trays. Do not use unformed trays.


  •   Brush and floss teeth. The whitening gel will give the best results when used with clean teeth.
  •   After ensuring that trays are clean and dry, place a small pin-sized drop of gel per tooth in the tray. Do not spread the gel around the tray or fill the tray completely. Give priority of the treatment to your front teeth.
  •   Insert trays into mouth. If any gel comes into contact with gums, wipe off with finger or tissue as it may cause a burning sensation.
  •   Leave trays in mouth for 15-20 minutes. If desired, trays can be left in mouth for up to one hour. If sensitivity occurs, do not increase whitening time. Do not exceed treatment time of more than one hour per day.
  •   Remove trays from mouth and brush teeth to remove any remaining gel. Afterwards, continue your daily dental care routine.

  •   Make sure that tray is clean and without saliva.
  •   Pump the bottle until the foam starts to come out. Apply up to a full pump of foam to each tray and spread the foam out evenly.
  •   Place the trays in mouth and expel any extra foam.
  •   Use the foam up to 5 times per day to whiten your smile. In case of sensitivity, reduce frequency of use. Whitening foam can be used an alternative to, or in rotation with, stronger whitening gels.
  •   Store trays in a cool, dry place away from heat or direct sunlight when not in use.