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Best DIY Teeth Whitening Remedy

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The CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit is the best DIY teeth whitening remedy. We worked closely with dental professionals to create kits that are perfect for sensitive teeth and faster than teeth whitening strips. There are a wide variety of ways to whiten your teeth. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best DIY teeth whitening remedy for your needs. CustMbite cuts through the noise and takes the guesswork out of teeth bleaching. You don't have to spend upwards of $1,000 at the dentist's office to get your teeth brightened. Instead, purchase a CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit today for just $30 and take the next step towards your dream smile. Keep reading to learn why our kits stand out as the best at-home teeth whitening product.

How do I find the best DIY teeth whitening remedy?

There are dozens of options to consider while looking for the best DIY teeth whitening remedy. For example, there are over-the-counter remedies, take-home kits from the dentist's office, teeth whitening toothpaste, strips, pens, and more to consider. If you're wondering how to get white teeth, then there are several factors you should look at when purchasing your teeth whitening product.

First, you should determine if the product has everything you need to whiten your teeth at home. The CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit includes a 30-day supply of both our Teeth Whitening Gel and Teeth Whitening Foam. We give you a 3ml syringe of gel while many of our competitors give you just 1ml. Our Teeth Whitening Foam was designed for sensitive gums and can be used up to five times per day. Use it the next time you have a date, an important meeting, or whenever you want to whiten your smile on the go. If you run out, you can reorder the foam for just $15.

Our kit comes with our one-of-a-kind teeth whitening trays. We make our trays out of Vistamaxx, our patented fitting material. It enables us to make trays that are comfortable enough to wear for the duration of your teeth whitening session - and even overnight. Many over-the-counter teeth whitening kits include bulky trays that can't be molded to your needs. These ill-fitting trays can cause bleaching gel to spill out and irritate your gums and soft tissue. CustMbite trays provide a snug fit that prevents leakage. They may also better distribute the teeth whitening agent more evenly across your entire smile. This can lead to results that are more uniform than what you would get from using an average teeth whitening tray.

Another important factor in choosing a product is teeth whitening cost. Going to the dentist to get your teeth whitened could lead to multiple visits and a bill above $1,000. You could even pay more than $400 just to get a take-home teeth whitening kit from them. CustMbite's Teeth Whitening Smile Kit enables you to get a dental-strength teeth whitening experience for just $30. Other teeth whitening kits force you to buy new trays if yours doesn't fit anymore. Ours can be remolded as many times as you want without losing form. We make the best DIY teeth whitening remedy for braces because you can fine-tune the fit of your teeth whitening trays whenever your orthodontist makes adjustments. This can save you money. It's another reason why we think the CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit is the best DIY teeth whitening remedy.

How do the best teeth whitening products work?

The American Association of Orthodontists found that nearly 90 percent of patients requested teeth whitening. Statistics like this show the importance that Americans place on having a bright smile. However, as we age, teeth can lose their brightness and turn yellow or brown. This can be caused by drinking too much coffee, smoking cigarettes, or even by the medications that you take. If your teeth aren't as shiny-white as you'd like, you don't have to live with it. You can use the CustMbite at-home teeth whitening kit to turn back the clock and start reclaiming your smile.

At-home teeth whitening products use chemicals to break stains into smaller pieces. This lowers the concentration of the stains on your teeth and leads to a brighter set of teeth. The CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit uses dental-strength carbamide peroxide to make your teeth whiter. Our Teeth Whitening Gel is 22 percent carbamide peroxide, which is one of the highest concentrations available from an at-home teeth whitening kit. It could be the key to unlocking the smile that you've always dreamed about.

Where can I purchase the CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit?

If your goal is having a brighter smile, then CustMbite has you covered. Our Teeth Whitening Smile Kit was designed based on the recommendations of experienced dental professionals. It includes everything you need to improve your smile. The CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit is available at just $30, making it an affordable way to whiten your teeth. Try the best DIY teeth whitening remedy today.

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