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Best Mouthguard For Teeth Clenching

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CustMbite: Best Mouthguard For Teeth Clenching

CustMbite brings you affordable professional-grade solutions like our nightguard and teeth whitening kit. If you've been searching for the best mouth guard for teeth clenching, look no further than CustMbite. We make thin night guards that provide a near-custom dental fit. Our product may provide you with additional protection from nighttime teeth clenching and grinding, which is also called bruxism. Clenching can be caused by a variety of factors, including stress, missing teeth, or even alcohol and tobacco use. If you've been bruxing, it's important to take preventative steps to protect your smile. Many dental professionals recommend dealing with clenching by wearing a mouth guard while you sleep. CustMbite's custom night guard offers a variety of advantages over our competitors. Our guards are affordable, comfortable, and easy to care for. Read on to learn more.

What should I look for when purchasing a mouthguard for clenching?

There are a variety of factors you want to consider before deciding on a mouthguard. First, it's important to find a guard that's easy to mold. CustMbite guards can be custom-fitted to your needs in as little as five minutes. You'll start with a wet paper towel, a bowl of cold water, and a microwave. Simply wrap your mouthguard in the wet paper towel and microwave it on high for 30 seconds. Then, dip the product in cold water before biting down lightly. Next, press the guard against your front teeth (unless you have braces). Finally, close your lips and suck for one minute to complete your fit. You can repeat this process whenever you need to fine-tune the fit of your guard.

It's especially important that you find a mouthguard you can remold if you have braces. Although many guards lose their retentiveness if you try to reshape them, ours don't. We make the best mouth guard for clenching for braces because our guards can be remolded as many times as you want. You may need to do this after your orthodontist has made adjustments to your braces. CustMbite saves you from having to purchase a new mouthguard every time you have to alter your fit. It's another reason why we make the best mouth guard for clenching - whether you have braces or not.

CustMbite mouth guards for clenching are also easy to care for. They're made from our patented fitting material, which prevents bacteria from being absorbed into your guard. This keeps our product fresh and clear even after extended use. Additionally, the cleaning process is very straightforward. You can either throw your mouthguard into the dishwasher or wash it yourself with a toothbrush and a cup of cold water. Our mouthguards are also FDA-cleared and free of harmful chemicals like BP, latex, and PVC.

Why do I need a night guard for clenching?

You should wear a mouth guard while sleeping because clenching can lead to a variety of undesirable outcomes. This can start with symptoms like mysterious headaches and sore facial muscles. If you let the issue go unchecked, the potential for damage becomes more serious over time. For example, nighttime clenching can damage dental restorations and loosen your teeth. It can also harm your temporomandibular joints and cause cracks or fractures in teeth. Still, you may be hesitant to commit to wearing a mouthguard while you sleep. We understand your concerns. Mouthguards for clenching are often made of a thick, uncomfortable material. This can cause you to grind your teeth through the product while you sleep or remove it from your mouth entirely. CustMbite makes the best mouth guard for clenching because our guards suffer from none of these issues.

We've worked closely with dental professionals to make the best mouth guards for clenching. CustMbite mouth guards are thin and comfortable enough to wear all night long. You can also speak, breathe, and drink in your mouthguard with ease. Our guards are made from our patented fitting material that allows for comfort without sacrificing retentiveness. They're also affordable so you can purchase a custom-fitted nightguard for clenching regardless of your current budget. You may even start to experience a reduction in your clenching symptoms after you've worn one of our guards for a while. A CustMbite mouthguard for clenching could be just what you need to help you address persistent headaches, jaw soreness, and the other painful symptoms of nighttime clenching you've experienced.

Where can I purchase the best mouth guard for clenching?

CustMbite makes the best mouth guards for clenching. Our guards are comfortable, easy to care for, and affordable. Dental professionals across the country recommend wearing a mouth guard while you sleep if you clench your teeth. Doing so may help prevent some of the harmful side effects that can damage your teeth, jaw, and mouth. However, you don't have to take our word for it. Experience the CustMbite difference for when you buy the best mouth guard for teeth clenching today.

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I live out of state for grad school and have been grinding and clenching my teeth the past few months, most likely do to stress. I couldn't make it home to my dentist nor did I want to spend a fortune, so I did some research and found CustMBite to be the most high quality yet affordable. Definitely recommend as my headaches stopped immediately.


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CustMbite uses our patented Vistamaxx™ material for unmatched comfort. Whether you are using the CustMbite nightguard or the whitening trays, you can achieve a comfortable and secure fit in a few simple steps!