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CustMbite makes the best natural teeth whitening remedy. Having white teeth is important to people all across the nation. For example, the American Association of Orthodontists found that nearly 90 percent of patients requested teeth whitening. However, with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to find the best natural teeth whitening remedy. We created our kit to cut through the noise and provide you with everything you need to have whiter teeth. Getting your teeth whitened cleaned at the dentist's office can run you upwards of $1,000. The CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit is available for just $30. Below, you'll find more information on what makes our product the best natural teeth whitening remedy.

How do the best teeth whitening work?

Keeping your smile bright and vibrant can be difficult to do on your own. There are many factors working against you. For example, drinks like red wine and tea can stain your teeth. Your smile may also discolor can also turn yellow or brown from tobacco use, the medications you take, or even with age. Teeth whitening toothpaste, gels, and pens all offer to make your smile look better. However, none of them are as effective as the CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit in strengthening your smile.

If you've ever looked up how to get white teeth online, then you may already know how teeth whitening products function. In a nutshell, they use bleach to break the stains on your teeth apart into smaller pieces. This makes the color of the stains less concentrated and causes your smile to look brighter. The CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit comes with our dental professional strength Teeth Whitening Gel. It contains 22 percent carbamide peroxide, which is one of the strongest active agent concentrations available in a take-home whitening kit. You'll also receive our custom-fitted teeth whitening trays. These provide a thin, low-profile way to improve your smile. Our trays are much more comfortable than what you typically receive from an over-the-counter teeth whitening product.

What should I look for to find the best at-home teeth whitening products?

When searching for at-home teeth whitening products, there are a number of factors that you should consider. We know that one of your most important considerations is the price of your teeth whitening product. If you've ever worried about teeth whitening cost, then the CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit is exactly what you want. Our kit includes everything you need to improve your smile for just $30. Compare that to the $1,000+ you'd pay for an in-office teeth whitening treatment or the $400 you might pay for a take-home teeth whitening kit from your dentist. We've also designed our whitening trays so they can be remolded as often as you want. This makes the CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit the best natural teeth whitening remedy for braces. You can fine-tune your fit whenever your orthodontist makes adjustments.

The best natural teeth whitening remedy should be comfortable and effective. Many of our competitors provide whitening trays that are bulky. These can cause discomfort during your treatments and may lead to your teeth whitening gel leaking out and irritating your gums and soft tissue. CustMbite teeth whitening trays are made out of Vistamaxx, our patented fitting material. They provide a custom fit that molds to the exact size of your mouth. This lowers leakage dramatically and may lead to a better distribution of teeth whitening materials. It's another reason why we believe our kit is the best natural teeth whitening remedy.

You also want a teeth whitening kit that comes with everything you need in the box. Once again, the CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit satisfies this requirement. Your order will come with our Teeth Whitening Gel, Teeth Whitening Foam, and whitening trays. We give you 3ml of our dental-strength gel, whereas many of our competitors only give you 1ml. You'll receive a 15ml bottle of our Teeth Whitening Foam, which is perfect for whitening your smile on the go. You can use it up to five times per day, whenever you want to smile a little brighter. Each of these products works together to help you turn back the clock and improve your smile.

Where can I purchase the CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit?

If you've been searching for a way to brighten your smile, then CustMbite has you covered. Teeth bleaching is one of the most effective ways to whiten your teeth. You may have resisted bleaching your teeth in the past because of the high price tag the treatment carries at the dentist's office. You may pay $1,000 or more for an in-office teeth whitening appointment. Additionally, they may make you go back for multiple visits. Even ordering a take-home kit from the dentist can run you $400 or more. Why not use the CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit instead? At just $30, our kit is an affordable way to reduce the stains on your teeth. Don't take our word for it. Buy the best natural teeth whitening remedy today.

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