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Best Occlusal Guard For Bruxism

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CustMbite: Best Occlusal Guard For Bruxism

CustMbite night guards are the best occlusal guards for bruxism. Bruxism isn't a term you hear a lot in average conversation, but it refers to a tendency to grind or clench your teeth. Nighttime bruxism means that an individual grinds or clenches their teeth overnight without even realizing it. Unfortunately, bruxism is associated with several health consequences, including headaches, sore jaws, loose teeth, and even damaged dental work. CustMbite nightguards were created with the aid of dental experts to create a solution that may help prevent or mitigate some of these symptoms. Please continue reading to learn more about why CustMbite is the best occlusal guard for bruxism on the market today.

Why should I wear a nightguard for bruxism?

Experts don't know why some people are more prone to bruxism than others, but there are a few situations where it seems to be more common. Here are some reasons why bruxism happens according to currently available research:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Abnormal bite
  • Alcohol or tobacco use
  • Missing or crooked teeth
  • Certain sleep disorders

If you have been diagnosed with bruxism or identify with one or more of the potential causes listed above, wearing an occlusal guard may help you control the adverse effects of bruxism. Of course, it is to your advantage to invest in the best occlusal guard for bruxism as opposed to a random guard. CustMbite guards are made with Vistamaxx, a proprietary fitting material that cushions your teeth without the bulky designs of many competing nightguards. As a result, you can speak, drink, and breathe as if you weren't wearing a guard at all.

CustMbite guards are also comfortable enough for everyday use. Some competing guards are so uncomfortable that users can't get a good night's sleep while wearing them. Your dentist can make you a comfortable occlusal guard, but CustMbite guards fit just as well or better without a comparable investment in time or money. Why go through the hassle of getting a custom-fitted nightguard for bruxing from your dentist when an OTC option can be just as effective?

Furthermore, CustMbite guards are remoldable. If you wear braces and need orthodontic work performed, you can easily adjust your CustMbite guard to accommodate them. In contrast, most night guards lose their retentive properties if molded more than once. Therefore, CustMbite is the best occlusal guard for bruxism for braces.

We also kept hygiene as a top priority when developing CustMbite night guards. Vistamaxx helps prevent bacteria, saliva, water, and other contaminants from being absorbed into your guard, helping it stay odor-free and crystal-clear even after extended use. We also avoided including potentially hazardous chemicals such as PHP, BP, phthalates, and latex in our proprietary formula. Every CustMbite guard also comes with a ventilated case to ensure proper storage. CustMbite night guards are FDA-cleared and recommended by dental professionals to a variety of patients, giving us a reputation as the best occlusal guard for bruxism.

Are CustMbite night guards easy to fit and maintain?

While many of our competitors expect you to follow a complicated procedure involving boiling water to fit your guard, CustMbite guards only require a standard microwave oven. Here is how to fit your CustMbite guard to your mouth:

  1. Wrap your night guard in a wet paper towel and microwave it on HIGH for 30 seconds
  2. Take it out carefully (it's hot!) and dip in cold water for 3-5 seconds
  3. Unwrap and gently bite down into your guard to mold it to your teeth
  4. Press the front of your guard against your front teeth, making sure to apply pressure from the roof of your mouth to your tongue
  5. Finally, close your lips and suck for 60 seconds to ensure a snug, comfortable fit.

If you would prefer to boil your guard, CustMbite can be fitted as a traditional boil-and-bite as well. We also provide comprehensive directions for users with braces, and you can adjust the size of your nightguard by trimming or stretching its molar edges. Few competing guards can offer the same level of flexibility, making CustMbite guards the best occlusal guards for bruxism.

In addition, CustMbite guards are dishwasher-safe so you don't have to worry about any complicated cleaning procedures. You can also use soap and water if you don't have access to a dishwasher. We understand that you lead a busy life and have developed a night guard for clenching that's easy to maintain.

Can I purchase CustMbite nightguards today?

Bruxing can have significant health consequences, but wearing the best occlusal guard for bruxism may help protect you against grinding and clenching. We've worked with experts in the field to create a durable nightguard that's comfortable and protective without many of the drawbacks of competing products. Best of all, our three-year money-back warranty allows you to try CustMbite with no risk. Buy the best occlusal guard for bruxing today!

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My daughter has had issues with grinding her back teeth while she is asleep and our dentist recommended looking into a night guard. We chose CustMbite after doing a little research and are so glad we did! It has really helped.


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