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Best Occlusal Guard for TMJ

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CustMbite manufactures the best occlusal guards for TMJ. If you consistently wake up with jaw pain, have trouble opening or closing your jaw, or annoy your partner with a clicking sound whenever you try to chew, wearing a nightguard may help prevent or mitigate these issues. We partnered with professional dentists and regular users to create a comfortable nightguard that may help limit the symptoms of TMJ. You can buy the best occlusal guards for TMJ from CustMbite today. Or, continue reading to learn more about TMJ and how wearing a night guard can help.

Why do I need an occlusal guard for TMJ?

TMJ (also called Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction or TMJ Syndrome) is a relatively common condition that can adversely impact your quality of life. The temporomandibular joint acts as a sliding hinge that connects your jawbone to your skull. If it stops functioning as it is supposed to, you may experience jaw pain, difficulty chewing, or make a noticeable clicking noise when you try to chew. TMJ has a variety of potential causes, including injury, arthritis, genetics, and prolonged sleep bruxism (or grinding your teeth while you sleep). Some patients have no idea why they have TMJ. Wearing a nightguard when you go to bed may help mitigate the adverse health consequences associated with TMJ.

If you're going to wear a night guard, you might as well choose the best occlusal guard for TMJ. While many of our competitors utilize bulky designs that can make it difficult to sip water before bed or even breathe, CustMbite guards are made with a patented fitting material called Vistamaxx that allows us to offer thin nightguards for TMJ that you'll be happy to put in every night. Even the best occlusal guards for TMJ don't do anything if you can't bring yourself to wear them, so comfort is a very important consideration.

Your dentist can make you a custom-fitted night guard for TMJ, but the molding process can take weeks and you'll end up with a bill for hundreds of dollars. CustMbite guards fit just as well (if not better) for a fraction of the cost, so why go through your dentist at all? The FDA has cleared our guards, allowing dental professionals to recommend our products to their patients as the best occlusal guard for TMJ.

Are CustMbite guards easy to fit and take care of?

While the traditional boil-and-bite requires you to boil water on your stovetop just to fit it, CustMbite occlusal guards offer the convenience of using a microwave instead. Here is how to fit your CustMbite guard:

  1. Wrap your guard in a moist paper towel and microwave it on HIGH for 30 seconds.
  2. Dip your guard in cold water until it is cool enough for you to touch.
  3. Unwrap your guard and gently bite into it to shape it to your mouth.
  4. Press the front of your guard to your front teeth, applying pressure from your tongue to the roof of your mouth.
  5. Close your lips around your guard and suck for 60 seconds to ensure a snug fit.

That doesn't sound so hard, does it? You can also adjust the size of your CustMbite guard by trimming the molar edges back or gently pinching them to elongate it. We offer boiling directions and a myriad of other fitting tips on our website as well, so you'll always have access to expert assistance if you need it.

CustMbite is also the best occlusal guard for TMJ for braces. If you're wondering how to fit the best sleep guard around braces, follow the directions above without pressing or sucking, allowing the weight of your mouth to form your guard around your braces. While other guards lose their retentive properties if you mold them a second time, our guards can be remolded after every orthodontic adjustment. Who would expect anything less from the best occlusal guards for TMJ?

Similarly, cleaning your CustMbite nightguard is as simple as tossing it in the dishwasher. Alternatively, you can clean your guard manually with a toothbrush and either mouthwash or cold water. Vistamaxx naturally prevents bacteria and other potential contaminants from lodging in your guard, so it will remain crystal-clear and odor-free even after extended use. Every CustMbite guard also comes with a ventilated case to ensure proper storage.

Where can I purchase a CustMbite guard of my own?

If you're tired of struggling to chew your food or dealing with a tender jaw, wearing a CustMbite guard could be the right solution for you. Our guards are comfortable, easy-to-fit, and durable enough to use every night. They are also available at an affordable price point so you don't have to worry about blowing your budget. You'll see for yourself when you order the best occlusal guard for TMJ!

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