Whether you wear a vacuum form retainer (VFR) or a Hawley retainer (the traditional type with a plastic piece formed for the roof or floor of your mouth and a wire that goes around your teeth), you need to clean it at least once every day for your health and hygiene. You could buy an expensive cleaner from your dentist, but the CustMbite All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner costs a fraction of the amount and does a professional-quality job of cleaning your retainer. It's also excellent for cleaning other oral appliances such as dentures, sports mouth guards, and bridges.

Why do I need to clean my retainer daily?

Like your teeth, your retainer is prone to bacteria buildup. Over time, the buildup can cause plaque and tartar, which can end up leading to gum disease. If you see white spots on your retainer or other oral appliance, that indicates calcium buildup. Neglecting to take proper care of your retainer can also cause it to develop a bad odor as well as discoloration. You should clean your retainer every time you brush your teeth — after all, who wants to put a dirty retainer into a mouth with freshly brushed teeth?

What is the best dental retainer cleaner?

The best dental retainer cleaner combines a number of characteristics. First, it is all natural. You don't want to clean something that goes into your mouth with bleach or alcohol or other dangerous chemicals. No matter how diluted they may be, they could cause harm once they are in your mouth.

Of course, there are all-natural solutions to cleaning that are not ideal. For example, you could use vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, but that is time-consuming. You would have to leave the retainer first in vinegar for half an hour and then in hydrogen peroxide for half an hour. Not only do you not have an hour to sit around cleaning your retainer once or twice a day, but who wants a retainer that tastes like vinegar and hydrogen peroxide?

You could use a paste of baking soda, but that is messy and inconvenient. Additionally, baking soda is abrasive, and using it can cause tiny scratches in your retainer or other oral appliance. These tiny scratches can attract bacteria and cause discoloration. Yuck.

Another quality of a good dental retainer cleaner is a fresh, minty taste, like that found in the CustMbite All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner. The CustMbite All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner is made of all-natural ingredients like tea tree oil, menthol oil, and distilled H2O. It's also made completely in the USA, so you can feel safe knowing that it's manufactured using US safety regulations.

Price is another consideration when you choose a dental retainer cleaner. The CustMbite's retainer cleaner comes in a full 3.4-ounce spray bottle for only $14.99, a fraction of the price you would pay at your dentist's office for the same type of product. Even similar OTC products can cost $25 or more.

Ease of use is another thing to think about when choosing a cleaner for your oral appliances like a retainer, dental bridge, or nightguard. With the CustMbite All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner, all you need to do is spray, wipe, and rinse and you are ready to go.

Where can I get the best dental retainer cleaner?

To clean, refreshen, and disinfect your retainer or other oral appliance, choose CustMbite's All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner. It is vegan-friendly, sugar-free, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. Order the best dental retainer cleaner online today to ensure a clean, healthy smile every day!