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Best Professional Teeth Whitening Remedy

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CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit is the best professional teeth whitening remedy on the market. Our teeth whitening system delivers incredible results at a fraction of the price of other premium teeth whitening options. You could end up spending as much as $400 on an at-home teeth whitening treatment sold at dentists' offices, and in-office teeth whitening can cost $1000 or more on average. Not everyone can afford to pay hundreds of dollars for teeth bleaching, which is why we've priced the CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit at an affordable $30. That way, everyone can have access to the best professional teeth whitening remedy on the market without having to break the bank.

Do the best teeth whitening products really brighten smiles?

Absolutely! Even with flawless oral hygiene, your teeth can still become dull or discolored over time. Certain medications like tetracycline and doxycycline can affect the color of your teeth. Tobacco, age, and even beverages like tea and coffee are also linked to teeth discoloration. Brushing and flossing are important for maintaining strong and healthy teeth, but they won't completely remove the stains on your teeth. That's where teeth whitening can help.

CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit can help remove the stains on your teeth, so you can be proud of your smile once more. Our kit includes a special teeth whitening tray that molds to your teeth, as well as a special Teeth Whitening Gel and a bottle of Teeth Whitening Foam. The teeth whitening trays can be molded to rest comfortably in your mouth, so you're less likely to fidget with it while the carbamide peroxide solutions clean the stains from your teeth.

How is the CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit better than other teeth whitening products?

We consulted top dental professionals when creating the best professional teeth whitening remedy, so we could create a teeth whitening product that is easy to wear. The tray is made from Vistamaxx, a patented material that allows the trays to form a near-custom mold to your teeth. Other teeth whitening trays are made of out bulky materials that can slip out of place or allow the solutions to leak and irritate your gums. This can prevent the teeth whitening agents from penetrating into the crevices of your teeth. You don't have to worry about this with the CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit, because our trays can fit snugly over your teeth to help the Teeth Whitening Gel spread evenly across your teeth.

Did you know you can use the CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit while wearing braces? One of the biggest concerns people have when wearing braces is how to get white teeth after their braces are removed. Our flexible teeth whitening trays can even be molded over your braces and wires, offering you the same comfortable fit as users without corrective mouth gear. You can even remold your teeth whitening trays in a few quick minutes, so they can continue to fit properly after your braces have been adjusted. Only the best professional teeth whitening remedy for braces would make it this easy to bleach your teeth while wearing corrective orthotic gear.

If you're buying the best professional teeth whitening remedy, you don't want to use your teeth whitening solutions sparingly. Many of the teeth whitening kits sold at the dentist's office come with a 1ml teeth whitening solution, which hardly feels like enough to thoroughly cover your teeth with whitening gel. The CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit comes with a 3ml syringe filled with a 22 percent carbamide peroxide gel solution. This means you can apply enough Teeth Whitening Gel to your trays to reach all the contours of your teeth. Our kit also includes a special Teeth Whitening Foam that's formulated with 8 percent carbamide peroxide. We carefully designed the foam to be gentle on your gums to avoid irritation, while strong enough to be used as part of your teeth whitening routine. You can use the gel as frequently as five times in a single day without worrying about sore gums and sensitive teeth.

We have created the best professional teeth whitening remedy and made it one of the most affordable teeth whitening solutions on the market. If you've been hesitant to whiten your teeth because of the exorbitant prices, we offer the best at-home teeth whitening at an affordable price. It comes with a 30-day supply that works out to $1 a day, and Teeth Whitening Foam refills only cost $15 dollars. It's even more affordable than many teeth whitening strips sold at the supermarket.

Where can I get my own CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit?

If bleaching pens and teeth whitening strips aren't giving you the result you're looking for, it's time to give CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit a try. Enjoy results like you'd get from in-office bleaching at your dentist's office without the expensive price tag. You'll be surprised at just how easy it is to have a Hollywood smile. Get the brilliant smile you've always wanted when you buy the best professional teeth whitening remedy today.

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