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Dazzle Your Valentine’s Day Date With Your Bright Smile

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A Special Smile for a Special Day

Whether a fancy, expensive evening out is your thing or you prefer a romantic evening in with your partner, Valentine’s Day can be very special when you’re in a good relationship. Not that you don’t want to have a brilliant smile every day for your loved one, but if you want to make Valentine’s Day extra special, use our CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day and present a smile for your partner to swoon over.

25 Creative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Depending on your and your date’s tastes and interests, here are 25 creative date ideas to make Valentine’s Day special this year. Any one of these should have you sharing your bright smile with your special someone on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Go star watching while staying warm at the local planetarium.
  2. Go rock climbing at a nearby facility or, if you’re avid climbers, at an actual rock face.
  3. Head to a local roller skating rink—they probably have a romantic night of skating ready for you to enjoy.
  4. If you’re a great cook, cook for your special someone.
  5. If neither of you are that great of a cook, take a cooking lesson together.
  6. If you both enjoy singing, head out to a nearby karaoke bar to make beautiful music together.
  7. Be a tourist in your town. See the sites together from a different perspective than your day-to-day life allows.
  8. Go to a museum. Many museums are open after hours on Valentine’s Day and prepared to provide a romantic evening for you and your sweetie.
  9. Paint and sip. You should be able to find many options for creating a painting with a professional at a local watering hole.
  10. Enjoy a trampoline park. It’s not just for the kids!
  11. Before a dinner at your favorite spot, take a trip to the bookstore and browse. You may miss your dinner reservations.
  12. Visit the zoo with your sweetheart.
  13. Have a bonfire in the snow with your date and some friends. You’ll stay warm if you make the fire big enough.
  14. No matter what your specific date plans are, be sure to catch the sunset together.
  15. Make a scrapbook of your relationship together so far. Include the receipt from the special dinner you enjoy this Valentine’s Day.
  16. Write a poem together.
  17. Take a pottery class, and make sure “Unchained Melody” is playing.
  18. Enjoy a wine and chocolate tasting together.
  19. Recreate your first date together.
  20. Find a nearby (or not so nearby) concert to attend together, whatever your taste in music.
  21. Treat your partner and yourself to a day/evening at the spa.
  22. Play hooky from work together and do as many of your favorite things to do together as you can fit into the special day.
  23. Create a treasure hunt for your partner. Use clues that have special meaning to the two of you and leave small gifts that are especially meant for her or him.
  24. Go ice skating in the dark. If you need to start slow or have one of you show the other how, all the better. More cuddle time.
  25. Visit a local poetry reading—there may be extra romantic poems on Valentine’s Day.

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