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DIY Teeth Whitening Trays

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Why People Choose DIY Teeth Whitening Trays

There are many options to choose from if you want to get whiter teeth. They range from simple products like teeth whitening toothpaste to involved procedures like getting your teeth whitened at your dentist’s office. There are also whitening strips, rinses, and gels available, too. To balance cost and effectiveness, we created the most effective and efficient way to whiten your teeth. Our customizable DIY teeth whitening trays are a key component in our CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit

You may have heard negative stories about bulky, uncomfortable teeth whitening trays, but that’s where ours are different. When you first receive your CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit, you will mold the two teeth whitening trays to fit your teeth exactly. This way, when you use the teeth whitening foam or gel provided, the whitening agent will touch your only teeth and not your gums or other soft tissues. This has two primary benefits. 

First, it’s simply more comfortable to wear our whitening trays. They’re thin and custom-fit, so you can talk clearly and take a sip of water while wearing them. Second, it can be painful to get teeth whitening solution on your gums and lips. The custom fit provided by our whitening trays can help to prevent this.

Continue reading to learn more about the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit and how having a whiter smile can benefit you.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

  • Self-esteem boost. Most people base at least part of their self-worth on their opinion of their own appearance. This can include aspects like your wardrobe, hairstyle, and the way your teeth look. If your teeth are stained or discolored, you may prefer to keep your smile hidden, but with whitened teeth, you may feel more confident to let your smile shine forth.
  • People are drawn to you. Studies have proven that people are more attracted to other people with white smiles. Not only that, but others are naturally attracted when you have the confidence you can gain from having a white smile. 
  • Oral health. By whitening your teeth, you are removing the kind of stains that can give you serious problems if they are allowed to spread. Left unchecked, tooth decay can even cause issues with the heart and other organs. Poor oral health can be life-threatening, so whitening your teeth may help you worry less.
  • Perceived hygiene. Whether it’s fair or not, the color of your teeth can lead others to make judgments about your hygiene. If you look like you don’t take care of your teeth, people will assume you don’t take care of yourself. Even if your teeth are only stained because of your latte addiction, people will assume the worst — and you don’t want that to be your first impression.
  • Better opportunities. This relates to the first benefit listed: That a white smile makes people naturally drawn to you. Studies have shown that candidates with bright, confident smiles are more likely to land a job or get a desired promotion. Potential employers may also perceive you as more trustworthy and reliable when you have white teeth. You may even have better luck in finding a romantic partner when you have whiter teeth. The opportunities are endless!

How does the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit Work to Whiten My Teeth?

The CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit comes with all you need to get the brilliant smile you deserve. There are two customizable DIY teeth whitening trays that you can quickly and easily mold to your teeth. If you have braces, no worries. You can mold the trays to your braces and remold them when your teeth and braces move so you’ll always have a snug fit. 

The kit also comes with both teeth whitening gel and foam. The gel is stronger and can be used effectively in just 20 minutes per day. The foam is gentler and is perfect for those who need teeth whitening for sensitive teeth. You can use it up to 5 times per day for a total of 8 hours, or even use it overnight. 

The carbamide peroxide used in both the gel and the foam attacks the particles that create stains and discoloration on your teeth, breaking them down into smaller and smaller stains as you continue to whiten your teeth. This process lets more of your naturally white, bright teeth shine through.

Where can I get a CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit for myself?

At under $40, the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit is affordable and effective. Plus, refills of both the teeth whitening foam and gel are just $15 each. If you’re looking for great results at a price that matches your needs, order the best teeth whitening kit online today and see how CustMbite’s Smile Whitening Kit can make a difference in your life!

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