The need for regular retainer disinfection is obvious. After all, this is something you wear in your mouth, and introducing new bacteria and germs to your oral cavity is never a good idea. But how extensive does your cleaning regimen need to be? You might be wondering: “How often should I clean my retainer?” Once a week? Once per day? The obvious answer is “as often as possible,” but it's best to stick to a clear, specific schedule if you're serious about cleaning your retainer. If you know exactly how many times you need to clean your retainer per week, it's easier to stay on top of this crucial aspect of personal hygiene.

How often should you clean your retainer? If you're asking yourself this question, you also need to figure out which specific cleaning product you will use. Obviously, you'll need to use a less effective cleaning product more often to achieve the same results. On the flip side, cleaning solutions that contain powerful chemicals like bleach or hydrogen peroxide will need to be used less often in order to protect your health. In the end, it's best to opt for a “middle ground” approach, such as the safe, quick, and easy CustMbite All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner.

How Often Should I Clean My Retainer? It Depends

According to Healthline, you should clean your retainer at least once per day. In many ways, this is just like brushing your teeth and flossing. Your retainers are basically another set of teeth that you need to keep clean, so it makes sense to give them just as much attention as your “real” teeth. Ideally, you should clean your retainer twice a day – just like your teeth. If you only have time to clean your retainer once per day, you should do so at night. This is because many people only wear their retainers before bed, and it makes sense to disinfect the oral appliance and remove all germs before putting it in your mouth.

What Happens if I Don't Clean My Retainer Often Enough?

If you don't clean your retainer often enough, several issues may arise. Firstly, you run the risk of introducing billions of new bacteria and germs into your mouth. This can lead to serious illnesses, bad breath, and other health issues. Secondly, your retainer might start to become discolored. If you're wearing your retainer during the day, this can result in a duller, diminished smile – affecting your self-confidence.

What Happens if I Clean My Retainer Too Often?

If you're using safe, effective cleaning products, there's nothing wrong with cleaning your retainer as many times per day as you like. On the other hand, the wrong products can damage or stain your retainer over time, and these issues only get worse as you clean your retainer more often. For example, a homemade cleaning solution containing baking soda can be too abrasive, causing small scratches and leaving “cloudy” residue buildup over time. Vinegar can also stain your retainer, and this ingredient is also commonly used in homemade solutions. Not only does this cause discoloration, but it also causes damage, requiring frequent and expensive replacements.

On top of all this, the wrong retainer cleaners can pose health risks – especially when you use them frequently. When you're relying on solutions that contain hydrogen peroxide, bleach, or alcohol, you need to keep your exposure to these ingredients to an absolute minimum for obvious reasons. The more often you use these products, the higher the chances of consuming the chemicals accidentally.

How Do You Choose the Right Retainer Cleaner?

If you've been wondering: “How often should I clean my retainer,” the answer is simple: reach for a bottle of CustMbite All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner. This product contains no harmful ingredients, so you can use it as often as you like with no risk of negative health concerns. With menthol and tea tree oil, this totally natural solution comes in a convenient spray bottle, allowing you to disinfect your retainer with just a few easy squirts. Rinse it down with cold water after a couple of hours, and you're ready to go. This simple process makes it easier to clean your retainer more often throughout the day. Better yet, it works just as well for dentures, dental bridges, mouthguards, and pretty much anything else you put in your mouth.

The CustMbite All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner is made in the USA, which means it adheres to strict government regulations and product quality controls. It's also an ethical solution, having been made with vegan-friendly ingredients and a strict no-animal-cruelty policy. Take your first bottle for a test drive today.