As a general rule, it's important to pay close attention to the cleanliness of anything you put inside your mouth. A retainer is a great example, as this oral appliance can introduce all kinds of bacteria and germs into your oral cavity if you're not careful. In the modern era, keeping clean and maintaining hygiene is more important than ever before, as germs can easily lead to serious illnesses. At the end of the day, rinsing off your retainer under a tap just isn't enough to get the job done.

Fortunately, there's a pretty easy solution if you're trying to figure out how to disinfect a retainer. Just grab yourself a bottle of CustMbite All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner, and you can say goodbye to germs and bacteria with a few quick sprays. This product also works wonders for snore guards, sports mouthwear, dentures, and any other oral appliance you want to disinfect. Retainer hygiene might be important, but it's not rocket science – especially when you choose the right products.

Why Do I Need to Disinfect My Retainer?

Brace yourself, because you're not going to want to think about this the next time you kiss someone: There are 20 billion bacteria in the average mouth. These 20 billion bacteria can easily reproduce, quadrupling or even quintupling in number – especially if you fail to follow basic oral hygiene. The situation becomes even worse if you become sick. Suddenly, your retainer is covered in germs that can reinfect you over and over again. A good example of this is strep throat. Unless you completely disinfect your retainer, you run the risk of getting sick repeatedly.

What Do I Need to Disinfect My Retainer?

If you're wondering how to disinfect a retainer, you first need to equip yourself with the right supplies. Sure, you could grab a bottle of typical cleaner from a nearby supermarket, but these products often contain bleach, alcohol, and various toxic chemicals. Yes, you need to clean the germs on your retainer, but you don't need to poison yourself in the process!

Another option is to mix up an all-natural cleaning solution at home with household ingredients like baking soda or vinegar. But this method poses its own set of problems, as this can be highly time-consuming and frustrating. In addition, baking soda can scratch fragile oral appliances due to its abrasive nature. These scratches not only damage your retainer, but also make it easier for germs to latch on.

The real solution is simple: Use the CustMbite All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner. Not only is this product all-natural and toxin-free, but it's also highly convenient and requires less time than other methods.

How To Disinfect a Retainer

Using the CustMbite All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner, you can disinfect retainers in three easy steps: First, spray the retainer down completely, covering the entire surface. Next, let your retainer sit for at least two hours. During this process, menthol and tea tree oil will work their magic, killing 99% of all germs. Finally, you're ready to rinse your retainer under cold tap water and finish the disinfection process. You're left with a totally germ-free, safe retainer without any residue from harmful chemicals.

Where Can I Get My CustMbite All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner?

The CustMbite All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner is proudly made in the United States of America, which means that you can have this product shipped to you quickly and reliably. Not only that, but all products made in the United States are subject to extremely stringent quality control standards, giving you greater peace of mind. Finally, the CustMbite All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, providing you with a truly ethical solution. If you're ready to take the plunge, you can try out your first bottle right now.