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How To Fit A Mouthguard For Grinding

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CustMbite: How To Fit A Mouthguard For Grinding

CustMbite is an easy-to-fit grinding guard that may help prevent the adverse side effects of sleep bruxism. Our proprietary fitting material ensures a more comfortable fit than many of our competitors, meaning that you'll actually use your guard as opposed to conveniently "forgetting" about it during your nighttime routine. Our grinding guards are also the easiest to mold and remold on the market today, so you don't have to memorize any complicated procedures. Please continue reading to learn more about the potential benefits of wearing a CustMbite night guard.

Why should I invest in an easy-to-wear grinding guard?

Sleep bruxism is a tendency to start grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw while you're asleep, potentially disrupting your natural sleep patterns, loosening your teeth, or causing mouth soreness. The causes of bruxism are currently unknown, but wearing a night guard may help you mitigate the associated symptoms. Night guards act as a cushion between your upper and lower teeth that may help limit the amount of damage caused by grinding. Naturally, some night guards are more effective than others.

Why is it important for an easy-to-mold grinding guard to fit well?

Many of our competitors utilize thick, bulky designs in an effort to control the side effects of grinding. Wearing such guards can make it difficult to speak and even breathe, forcing many users to give up on them entirely. Needless to say, your guard won't do anything if it's not in place when you go to bed. Alternatively, some of our competitors use cheap materials that you may grind straight through.

In contrast, CustMbite guards are made with Vistamaxx, a patented fitting material that may help act as a protective cushion without relying on its thickness for its retentive properties. This makes CustMbite a thin night guard that you'll actually look forward to using every night. Your dentist may offer to make you a nightguard that fits well, but our fitting material produces a guard that is of comparable quality without the same investment of time and money. We feel that the right choice is a no-brainer.

How do I shape my CustMbite guard to my smile?

We understand that your time is valuable to you, so we made sure that you can fit a CustMbite guard in just a few minutes. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to mold a grinding guard:

  1. You have to heat your guard to fit it to your mouth, so wrap it in a wet paper towel and throw it in the microwave for 30 seconds or boil some water to dip it in. Most users find it easier to use a microwave, but the decision is yours.
  2. Dip your guard in cold water so that it's cool enough to manipulate.
  3. Gently bite your guard to sculpt it to the unique contours of your mouth.
  4. Press the front of your CustMbite guard to your front teeth, applying pressure from your tongue to the roof of your mouth.
  5. Finally, close your lips around your guard and suck for approximately 60 seconds to create pressure that ensures a snug fit.

If CustMbite isn't the right size for you, it's easy to adjust. You can trim back the molar edges and repeat the steps above to make it smaller, or gently pinch them to stretch it out. Our competitors cannot match this flexibility, establishing CustMbite as the best sleep guard available today.

Can I use CustMbite guards if I wear braces?

Of course. If you want to know how to fit a grinding guard for braces, follow the steps above but do not create any pressure by pressing down or sucking in. The weight of your mouth will naturally form your guard around your braces for a comfortable fit. Vistamaxx can also be remolded without compromising its retentive properties, so you can refit your guard every time you have orthodontic or dental work performed instead of being forced to buy a new one. Most competing guards cannot make the same claim.

Are CustMbite nightguards easy to maintain?

All CustMbite guards are dishwasher-safe, so cleaning them between uses is as simple as can be. You can also scrub them down with soap and water if you prefer. Vistamaxx prevents bacteria and other contaminants from lodging in your guard, so it will stay odor-free and crystal-clear even with nightly use. CustMbite also comes with a ventilated case for proper storage. All of these factors contributed to our FDA-clearance, allowing dentists to feel confident recommending CustMbite to their patients as the best easy-to-fit grinding guard.

Where can I buy a CustMbite night guard right now?

We worked with dental professionals to create a fantastic night guard at a price point that makes it accessible to all. CustMbite guards are easy-to-fit, so you never have to worry about how to fit a grinding guard to your mouth. Our guards are also easy to care for and unbelievably comfortable, so buy the best mouthguard for grinding and see for yourself!

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