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How To Refit A Mouthguard For Grinding

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CustMbite: How To Refit A Mouthguard For Grinding

When you purchase a CustMbite guard, you'll never have to waste time wondering how to refit a grinding guard again. We teamed up with dental professionals to create a custom-fitted nightguard that may help to reduce the side effects of bruxism. CustMbite grinding guards are made out of our patented fitting material called Vistamaxx. It enables us to make a product that can be molded in as little as five minutes. Additionally, our thin night guard can be remolded as often as you'd like, so you won't have to repurchase a nightguard every time you want to fine-tune your fit. CustMbite grinding guards are affordable, easy to care for, and comfortable. Read on to learn more about our easy-to-refit grinding guard.

Why do I need a grinding guard?

Dentists often recommend that patients who grind their teeth at night wear a guard while they sleep. Doing so may help to prevent some of the symptoms of bruxism. Grinding can be caused by factors like stress, sleeping problems, and missing teeth. It can result in jaw soreness, fractured teeth, and dull headaches. Left unchecked, grinding teeth can cause damage to your temporomandibular joints and wear away tooth enamel. Purchasing an easy-to-remold grinding guard may reduce the bruxism symptoms that you've been experiencing.

Why does my guard need to fit well?

It's important for a grinding guard to fit well. If it doesn't, you may not wear it. For example, many of our competitors' guards are made out of bulky material that causes discomfort. If your nightguard disrupts your sleep, it's likely to end up on the nightstand. Even if you manage to sleep through the night with an inferior guard, you could still grind your teeth right through it.

CustMbite guards suffer from none of these issues. They are thin, low-profile, and comfortable enough to wear throughout the night. Since our guards can be remolded, you can fine-tune the fit of your product whenever you want. This allows you to customize your fit on-demand. It's a key factor that sets CustMbite grinding guards apart from others on the market.

How do I mold a CustMbite grinding guard?

You can mold one of our grinding guards in as little as five minutes. To do so, you'll just need a wet paper towel, a microwave, and a bowl of cold water. Begin by wrapping the paper towel around your guard. Then, microwave it on high for 30 seconds. When your guard comes out of the microwave, dip it in cold water for 3 to 5 seconds before biting down on it lightly. Individuals without braces will press the front of the guard against their teeth and finalize the process by closing their lips and sucking for one minute.

If you need to adjust your fit, there's no need to search ""how to refit a grinding guard"" online. Instead, just follow the same simple setup process. Our guards will keep their retentive qualities even after multiple fittings. This allows you to maximize the comfort of your grinding guard without ever compromising its effectiveness.

Can CustMbite grinding guards help people with braces?

Absolutely! If you wear braces, most of the setup process for your guard will be exactly the same. You'll just refrain from sucking or pressing the product against your teeth to create pressure. Instead, you can let the natural weight of your mouth help to form the guard.

It's important that you buy a grinding guard that you can refit if you wear braces. Your orthodontist may make monthly adjustments to your brackets and wires. When this happens, you'll want to adjust the fit of your grinding guard to match the shift in your braces. However, looking up how to refit a grinding guard for braces won't help if your product loses retentiveness when you remold it. When you purchase a CustMbite grinding guard, you won't have to worry about this. Our guards will maintain their strength no matter how often you want to refit them.

CustMbite guards are easy to care for

We worked closely with dental professionals to ensure our guards are easy to care for. Our guards are made out of Vistamaxx, which prevents bacteria from being absorbed into the guard. Our grinding guards are also FDA-cleared, and free of harmful chemicals like PVC and BP. To clean one, all you need is a toothbrush and a cup of cold water. You can even throw your grinding guard into the dishwasher without any special cleaning products. Because of these features, CustMbite's custom grinding guard stays crystal-clear and odor-free, even after extended use.

How can I buy a CustMbite grinding guard?

Don't spend your time wondering how to remold a grinding guard. Purchase a CustMbite guard and take the guesswork out of the equation. Our guards can be remolded in as little as five minutes. This can save you time and money. CustMbite grinding guards are comfortable, affordable, and easy to care for. However, you don't have to take our word for it. Experience the CustMbite difference for yourself. Buy the best mouthgaurd for grinding on the market

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So simple, but makes a world of a difference. I tried two other mouthguards before this one (had to deal with impression kits). This one was molded and ready to use within minutes and actually made a difference. Much cheaper too.


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