How To Refit A Mouthguard From CustMbite

How To Refit A Mouthguard From CustMbite

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How To Refit A Mouthguard From CustMbite

If you're wondering how to refit a mouth guard after having dental or orthodontic work performed, CustMbite offers the easiest guards on the market to remold. We worked with both dental professionals and average users to develop an easy-to-remold mouth guard that also provides the protection, comfort, and durability you're looking for. Please continue reading to find out more about what differentiates CustMbite mouthguards from all of the competing products on the shelf.

Why should I wear a mouthguard when going to bed?

Are you familiar with the term sleep bruxism? It is the scientific term for a tendency to grind your teeth or clench your jaw at night. Many people who have sleep bruxism don't realize it until they notice some of its adverse side effects, including disrupted sleep, sore jaws, canker sores, damaged dental work, or even a partner who complains about the noise. The causes of this condition are still unknown, but wearing a nightguard such as CustMbite may help prevent the adverse effects of grinding teeth.

Why is it important for my nightguard to provide a comfortable fit?

Of course, some mouth guards are better than others. CustMbite makes every easy-to-refit mouth guard out of a proprietary fitting material called Vistamaxx that ensures a comfortable fit. Unfortunately, many of our competitors produce bulky products that limit a user's ability to breathe at night. If your nightguard is too uncomfortable, you won't be able to bring yourself to put it in before bed. Similarly, some competing mouth guards are made with inferior materials that you can grind right through.

Vistamaxx offers retentive properties without relying on thickness, creating a thin night guard that you will look forward to wearing every night. Your dentist can make you a custom mouth guard that fits well, but the fitting process can be expensive, time-consuming, and no more effective than our mouthguards. Our proprietary fitting material is also remoldable, enabling you to refit it whenever the need arises.

How can I form my guard around my smile?

We understand that your bedtime rituals are important to you, so we made it as easy as possible to mold and remold your CustMbite mouthguard. Here is how to refit a mouth guard:

  • First, you need to heat your mouthguard. Many of our competitors force you to boil water during this step, but CustMbite guards offer users the option of boiling water or using a microwave oven for maximal flexibility. We recommend wrapping your guard in a wet paper towel and placing it in the microwave on high for 30 seconds to ensure that it's hot enough.
  • Remove your mouthguard carefully and dip it in cold water for 3-5 seconds, or until it's cool enough for you to comfortably work with it.
  • Unwrap your guard and gently bite into it to sculpt it to your smile.
  • Press the front of your CustMbite guard on to your front teeth, applying pressure from your tongue to the roof of your mouth.
  • Finally, close your lips around your guard and suck for approximately one minute to ensure a tight, comfortable fit.

It's also easy to adjust the size of your CustMbite guard. You can trim back the back edges to make it shorter, or gently pinch them to stretch your guard out. Furthermore, you can repeat the steps above to refit your guard as often as you like. Competing guards generally do not offer the same amount of flexibility.

Can I wear a mouth guard if I have braces?

Individuals who have braces can take advantage of CustMbite guards just as easily as those who do not. If you're curious how to refit a mouth guard for braces, it's quite simple. Follow the steps above, but do not apply any pressure or suck. The weight of your mouth will help your nightguard form naturally around your braces for a comfortable fit. Since Vistamaxx can be remolded without compromising its retentive properties, you can refit your guard after getting orthodontic work done instead of buying a new one every time.

Are CustMbite guards easy to take care of?

Vistamaxx prevents contaminants such as bacteria and saliva from lodging in your guard, helping it remain crystal-clear and odor-free even after extended use. Our proprietary formula also avoids harmful chemicals such as PVC and latex. Every CustMbite guard is dishwasher-safe, and you can clean it with old-fashioned soap and water if you like. Every nightguard we sell also includes a ventilated case to ensure proper storage.

Where can I purchase a CustMbite mouth guard today?

CustMbite could be the easy-to-refit mouth guard for you if you want comfort, protection, and durability in one affordably-priced package. In fact, CustMbite has earned clearance from the FDA. We are proud of our guards and offer a three-year money-back guarantee to help you feel more confident in your purchase decision. Experience the CustMbite difference when you buy the best nighttime mouthguard available today.

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Braces friendly

My son has braces but needed a nightguard per his dentist for his grinding. We are really pleased with this guard, and was easy even though he has braces.


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