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Reviewed by  Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

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There are many things that make a great first impression. One thing nearly all experts agree on is that a sincere smile, the brighter the better, is sure to make a positive first impression. Because people tend to mirror those they are speaking to, it’s likely that your bright smile will bring out a candid smile in the person you’re greeting, whether for social, academic, or professional purposes. Since smiling automatically releases chemicals that increase a person’s feeling of wellbeing, your drawing out a smile in the person you’re greeting can actually cause them to feel better about the situation. Continue reading to learn how to make a great first impression and what role the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit can play.

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In addition to the value of a bright, white smile, people are attracted to others who have a healthy dose of self-confidence. There is a correlation between self-confidence and whiter teeth. When you have a smile worth showing off, you tend to do so more often, making a great first impression not only on those you are specifically meeting with, but on other people around you. If you’re meeting with someone about a new job or volunteer position, it can be valuable to make a good impression even on the people you’re not meeting with—yet. 

As you age, your teeth automatically lose their brightness. If you drink coffee, use tobacco, or drink acidic drinks like pop or wine, the discoloration can begin earlier than you might think. You don’t need to stop drinking that energy-boosting morning cup of coffee to have bright teeth, though. Our CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit can counteract any habits you may have that are causing discoloration of your teeth.

Our teeth whitening kit has been developed with the help of dental professionals, ensuring a comfortable and reliable teeth whitening process. The gel has a 22% solution of Carbamide Peroxide and the foam has an 8% solution. Both are safe and gentle enough to be used for teeth whitening for sensitive teeth. The trays are made out of our patented VistaMaxx material, which is thinner and more comfortable than other kits on the market. Custom-molding the trays to your teeth takes only a couple of minutes, and if you expect to have dental work done, you’ll appreciate that you can remold the trays as easily as you mold them the first time.

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Reviewed by:

Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Monroe Elkin got a Bachelors of Science in Pharmacy at Brooklyn College of Pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York. He then earned a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry at the University of Rutgers School of Dentistry in Newark New Jersey. Dr. Elkin owned and operated his own dental practices for 29 years where he specialized in treating oral injuries for athletes, fabricated custom fitted mouth guards and performed both general and trauma dentistry for athletes at Wagner College as dentist for the athletic department. He also performed cosmetic dentistry including implants, crown and bridges, bonding and endodontics. Dr. Elkin has been a part of 3 publications and has held various positions volunteering for organizations that are about sports dentistry and oral care.