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What is an Occlusal Nightguard?

Our CustMbite Nightguard is an occlusal nightguard that fits comfortably over your teeth to help guide them into proper occlusion (the meeting of the top and bottom teeth). This can help to alleviate the pain caused by the symptoms of TMJ disorder, bruxism, and other teeth and jaw issues that can affect your quality of life. 

During the day, you can keep yourself from clenching your teeth, but during sleep, it’s out of your control. Nightguards are an effective way to prevent potential damage to your teeth caused by nighttime teeth grinding or clenching. Continue reading to learn about proper occlusion and how a custom-fit occlusal nightguard can help to relieve the discomfort you experience when your occlusion is improperly aligned.

What happens if my teeth have poor occlusion?

While there is no single “correct” occlusion, normal physiological occlusion occurs when there are no symptoms to prevent the masticatory (chewing) system from functioning efficiently. Each person has their own optimal occlusion, which occurs when their occlusion is in harmony with the entire stomatognathic system. This includes the temporomandibular joint, the teeth and their supporting structures, and the neuromuscular elements used in chewing. In plain terms, ideal occlusion occurs when the back teeth rest comfortably against each other and the front teeth are well-aligned and touch each other lightly when the mouth is closed.

An occlusal examination adds just a few simple steps to a traditional dental exam. Your dentist or orthodontist will first do an external exam of your facial appearance and musculature. They will also check your temporomandibular joint to make sure it is sitting comfortably in the socket, as a damaged TMJ can be a cause of jaw pain and contribute to TMJ disorder. This will be followed by an internal exam of your teeth and surrounding structures to find any occlusion or other problems.

If you have experienced trauma to the teeth, jaw, face, or neck, you may want to talk to your dentist about the benefits of a full occlusal examination. The same is true if you have unexplained pain or tooth drifting, mobility, or uncommon wear patterns. Patients being fitted for braces or other orthodontic corrections generally receive an occlusal exam as well. A lack of occlusion can be corrected at the same time as other orthodontic issues are addressed. 

Once the occlusal examination is complete, your dentist or orthodontist will make a determination about what, if any, interventions are necessary. Potential occlusal solutions include braces, retainers, nightguards, or even surgery. 

If an occlusal sleep mouthguard is necessary, you may find the cost quoted by your dentist to be prohibitive. However, you can get a dental-quality custom fit with our CustMbite Nightguard for just a fraction of the price. Fitting the CustMbite Nightguard is a much easier process than fitting the nightguard you’d get from your dental professional. While it takes multiple office visits to get a mold of your teeth and then pick up the finished customized sleep mouthguard, all you need to customize a CustMbite Nightguard is a microwave, a bowl of cold water, and a couple of minutes.

Why is the CustMbite Nightguard the best occlusal nightguard choice for me?

If you want an affordable, comfortable occlusal nightguard, the CustMbite Nightguard is an excellent choice. Our nightguard provides advanced protection for occlusal disorders like TMJ disorder and bruxism, among others. It can alleviate the effects of headaches and jaw pain by preventing you from clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth during the night as you sleep.

Our patented VistaMaxx material was developed with the guidance of dental professionals. It is strong, flexible, and thin, so it’s comfortable to wear night after night. Because VistaMaxx is such a durable material, you don’t need to worry that your CustMbite Nightguard will wear out quickly with continued use. 

Safety and cleanliness are additional concerns you may have when you consider wearing a nightguard on a regular basis, but the CustMbite Nightguard has you covered. VistaMaxx is FDA-cleared and BPA-free, so it won’t attract bacteria or get stinky over time. Plus, caring for your nightguard couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is toss it in the dishwasher and as soon as your dishes are clean, so is your mouthguard. 

Where can I get my own CustMbite Nightguard?

It can be difficult to live your best life if your sleep is constantly interrupted by the pain or discomfort of teeth grinding or clenching caused by TMJ disorder, bruxism,or a lack of proper occlusion. Whatever the specific cause may be, the solution is simple: get a CustMbite Nightguard. It’s affordable, easy to use, effective, and designed to provide you with the ultimate in comfort. If you want the best over-the-counter occlusal nightguard to help you get better sleep, order yours today.

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