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Protecting Your Health From Loneliness

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How the Pandemic Can Affect Your Health

Even if you never contract Covid-19, the pandemic can still affect your health in a number of ways. The constant worry of falling ill and being obligated to stay at home when you’re used to being out and about at work, socializing with friends, or for family events can cause a great deal of stress. Stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic can have real effects on both your mental and physical health:

  • You may feel fear and spend a great deal of time worrying about yourself and your loved ones’ health, education, or careers, for example.
  • You may notice changes in your eating and sleeping patterns.
  • You may clench or grind your teeth during sleep as a physical sign of the mental stress from the pandemic. In fact, cracked and broken teeth are proving to be a real risk thanks to Covid-19 related stress.
  • You may notice a worsening of pre-existing physical or mental health conditions.
  • You may start or increase use of tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, or other substances.

These are just a few examples of the physical manifestations of the mental stress you may be experiencing during the pandemic. Continue reading to learn various preventative measures to keep you feeling as healthy as possible, like our CustMbite Nightguard for those who suffer from the effects of nighttime teeth clenching or grinding.

Ways to Prevent Stress During the Pandemic

  • Talk to someone you trust about your fears and concerns. This can be a friend, a family member, or a mental health professional. Most therapists are conducting online appointments during Covid-19, so you don’t even have to worry about leaving your house to speak with a professional.
  • Keep in contact with loved ones via phone calls, video chats, and maybe even handwritten letters. This can be especially helpful if you have grandchildren or grandparents you haven’t been able to see. Children can practice their handwriting skills and you can keep up with what’s important in their lives to reduce feelings of isolation.
  • Practice relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, or tai chi. These strategies can help you focus on your center and ground you as you calm your worries and concerns.
  • Read the books you’ve been meaning to read in the past years. There’s no harm spending time escaping into a fictional world where you can be pretty sure everything will turn out well in the end — depending on the type of books you like, of course.
  • Turn off the news. While it’s responsible to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the world, the 24-hour news cycle can cause you to feel anxious and gloomy if you watch or listen to the news too often.
  • Practice a favorite hobby or start a new one. Always loved baking? Want to get back to painting? Interested in learning to knit? These and many other at-home hobbies can help you tune into positive skills and practices. When you create, you have control, which can be a good feeling when the outside world seems to be so out of control.
  • Take care of yourself. Eat healthy, get enough sleep without overdoing it, and avoid substances like alcohol or nicotine. Self-care is essential for both feeling in control of your life and maintaining your health.
  • Connect with your spiritual side. However you practice your spirituality while at home, it can provide comfort during the pandemic.
  • Adopt a pet. In addition to taking care of yourself, there are huge benefits that come along with being responsible for the life, happiness, and comfort of a companion animal.

How can the CustMbite Nightguard help me avoid stress during the pandemic?

One of the common signs of stress, whether it’s caused by the pandemic or other reasons, is clenching or grinding your teeth when you are asleep. You may also notice these behaviors when you’re awake, but of course, you can control them during the day. Once you’re asleep, you need help.

That’s where the CustMbite Nightguard comes in. We’ve developed our nightguard with the help of dental professionals. It’s easy to use and comfortable enough that you won’t mind wearing it all night, every night. It provides a barrier that relieves the pressure of teeth clenching or grinding during sleep. This may prevent side effects like headaches, jaw pain, or even discomfort in your neck, shoulders, or back. It’s also easy to clean, as you can use gentle soap and water or you can simply throw it in the dishwasher. We’ve created this solution to nighttime teeth clenching and grinding to be affordable, effective, and comfortable. 

Where can I get a CustMbite Nightguard?

If the stress of the pandemic is causing you to suffer from nighttime clenching and teeth grinding, the CustMbite Nightguard is an affordable way to take some pressure off yourself — and your teeth. You can find relief by ordering the best nightguard today!

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