If you're exploring options for cleaning oral appliances, you may have heard about retainer cleaning tablets. This is a relatively new innovation, and these products come with various unique features. But is this really the best way to clean a retainer? What are some of the other options available, and what should you consider when choosing a retainer cleaning solution?

Right off the bat, it's worth mentioning that there's a solid solution available for anyone who doesn't want to mess around with retainer cleaning tablets. The CustMbite All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner uses a spray-bottle application system to get the job done, which makes for an exceedingly straightforward cleaning experience. You can also use this versatile solution on pretty much any oral appliance available, including dentures, mouthguards, and snore devices.

How Do Retainer Tablets Work?

If you want to use retainer tablets, you'll have to go through a number of steps. First, you need to drop a tablet into warm water. The temperature of the water is relatively important, as it can't be too hot. The water should start to bubble, at which point you will submerge your retainer. You then wait a period of time while the retainer goes through a disinfection process, and finally rinse the oral appliance. You're not supposed to let your retainer sit in the solution for longer than instructed, so you'll need to carefully monitor the process at all times. Retainer tablets typically feature active chemicals like sodium carbonate, and they may also contain sodium bicarbonate – commonly known as baking soda.

What Are Some Other Solutions?

Another potential solution is a retainer cleaner machine. These devices typically use ultrasonic technology to clean retainers, and they can be quite expensive. Despite their high cost, these ultrasonic machines are generally just as effective as other, more affordable methods.

You can also mix up your own homemade retainer cleaning solution with common household products like baking soda, vinegar, lemon, and so on. Unfortunately, this often becomes unrealistic due to its time-consuming nature. In addition, baking soda can be so abrasive that it scratches the delicate surface of retainers, causing grooves in which bacteria can easily multiply. You should always avoid damaging your retainer whenever possible, as replacements can be expensive.

Finally, you could simply head to your local pharmacy or drugstore and pick up a retainer cleaner or denture cleaner off the shelf. However, these products often contain all kinds of harmful chemicals, such as bleach and hydrogen peroxide. You definitely need to avoid putting these substances in your body if you can help it.

Why Should You Choose the CustMbite All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner?

There's one other solution you should definitely be considering if you're playing with the idea of using retainer cleaning tablets. The CustMbite All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner contains no baking soda, instantly giving it an advantage over not just retainer cleaner tablets, but also most homemade solutions. This cleaner won't damage your retainer, as it uses menthol and tea tree oil to get the job done without relying on chemicals that are overly abrasive.

Perhaps more importantly, the CustMbite All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner won't damage you, either. Thanks to its all-natural ingredient list, you won't run the risk of poisoning yourself with bleach, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or any other harmful chemical that so many cleaners tend to contain these days.

It also requires fewer steps compared to retainer cleaning tablets. While retainer cleaning tablets require four steps, the CustMbite All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner requires just three steps. Simply spray your retainer down, let it sit, and rinse it off. No mixing is necessary, and you don't need to carefully watch over your retainer and remove it from a solution within a specific time limit. You can spray your retainer, forget about it, and return to it later.

Finally, the CustMbite All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner is entirely designed and built in the United States, ensuring that this product adheres to strict, national quality standards. In contrast, many other retainer cleaning products are made in nations with concerns related to corruption and substandard regulatory practices. Grab your first spray bottle today, and say goodbye to retainer cleaning tablets!