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Rock TikTok With a Bright, White Smile

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A Bright Smile to Light Up Your TikTok Videos

TikTok is a fun app where creators of all kinds can post 60-second videos of virtually anything they can think of. There are videos of dances great and goofy, lip syncing, food preparation, pranks, and all kinds of other topics. If you have a great idea for a TikTok video, you may want to make sure you look your best in it. That could have to do with what you wear, the makeup you put on, or the props you use. But the thing that people will focus on in your videos will be your glorious smile. People are attracted to others who smile. In fact, studies show that a friendly smile and personality are more attractive than “good looks” to most people. So you may want to pick up a CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit to get started right away so your smile is at its most brilliant by the time you’re ready to make and post your video. Continue reading for suggestions on TikTok videos to create and to learn how our CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit can help your smile.

Suggestions for TikTok Video Creators

  1. Create a social media challenge, like the Ice Bucket Challenge or the more recent Flip the Switch challenge. Not sure what that is? Check it out on TikTok!
  2. Dance videos are very popular. If you are any kind of dancer, this could be your video sweet spot. If you’re NOT a good dancer, it may also be your claim to fame.
  3. Lip syncing can be really fun. If you haven’t got Adele’s voice, you can lip sync to one of her songs, or your favorite song. You can up your game by creating a scene similar to the original song’s video and dress up as the singer.
  4. Lip syncing doesn’t have to be singing. In fact, lip syncing famous scenes from movies can be a blast. Again, you can make it even more fun by dressing up as the character whose speech you are lip syncing to.
  5. Tutorial videos for all kinds of things, from food preparation ideas to arts and crafts, are a great idea. Just make a video of you doing the thing, and then speed it up so it takes under a minute.
  6. Oddly enough, if you can cut fruit or other foods in unique ways, people will enjoy watching you do it. Cubing an apple? Post it on TikTok.
  7. Do a humorous voiceover of a mundane or funny video. For example, if your cat is chasing a rabbit, do a play-by-play as if you were a sports announcer.
  8. Science experiments can look like magic tricks, so play on that and create a video of a science experiment and speed it up for some TikTok magic.
  9. Your daily life can be interesting. Start a “me at 10:43” each day set of videos, or record yourself doing something mundane in a unique way. Maybe you can teach people how to fold the dreaded fitted sheet.
  10. Look for trending hashtags, and make a video of your own to add to the deluge of #shecandoit or other popular hashtags.

How does the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit help my smile?

When you order the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit, you will receive all you need to bring your smile from “meh” to sparkling and TikTok worthy. First, there are two trays so you can whiten all your teeth at once. These trays are easily moldable to exactly fit your teeth, and they can even be remolded if you’re having dental work done. This only takes two minutes, a microwave, and a bowl of cold water. The kit also comes with teeth whitening gel and teeth whitening foam so you can choose which would work better for you each day.

The teeth whitening gel is a stronger solution of carbamide peroxide than the teeth whitening foam, and they both have their places in your teeth whitening regimen. If you want to whiten your teeth in just minutes a day, use the gel. It finishes doing its work in 5-20 minutes a day. If you want teeth whitening for sensitive teeth, use the foam. It can be used up to five times a day or you can even use it overnight.

How can I get my own CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit?

If affordable teeth whitening is a concern for you, consider getting our teeth whitening kit. You could get professional teeth whitening done at the dentist’s office, but it may cost $1,000 or more. Our kit costs only $30 for the first kit, and $15 for refills after that. Our kit was developed with the help of dental professionals, so you can rely on it to bring out your brightest smile for your TikTok video. Order your CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit today so you can see the difference for yourself!

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