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  • Better Sleep Quality
  • Easily Customized Fit To Your Teeth
  • No Uncomfortable Contraptions, Drugs or Surgery
  • Patented Design With Tori To Keep Your Tongue In Forward Position
  • Reduces Snoring By Up To 50%*
  • 65% More Comfortable Than Other Over-The-Counter Anti-Snoring Devices*

*Findings provided by a 3rd party research partner, BioSerenity Research

Relationships can fall apart for many reasons. Some couples break up because of disputes over money. Others call it quits after instances of infidelity. Some might even go their separate ways because of political disagreements. But sometimes, the simplest things can cause rifts between even the happiest couples. Yes, we're talking about the age-old problem of snoring.

Can Snoring Really End My Relationship?

The simple answer is yes, snoring can break up relationships - whether it's a partner or even a roommate who saws logs all night. Since roughly half of the U.S. population snores, pretty much every couple is forced to deal with this situation. Whether you're the snorer or the lucky listener, you might find yourself sleeping alone in a separate room as a result of this biological process. When couples are prevented from sleeping together, rifts can develop. Even if your partner pretends that everything is normal, they may be harboring strong feelings of resentment due to your snoring problem. Eventually, these bottled-up emotions reach the point of no return, and a breakup may follow — all because of snoring.

How Does an Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Help?

With an anti-snoring mouthpiece, you can sleep in the same room with your partner once again. Choose the best anti-snoring mouthpiece available on the market today, and it becomes easy to reduce snoring dramatically. Suddenly, you can reignite the warmth and passion in your relationship and enjoy that priceless moment of looking into your loved one's eyes as soon as you wake up in the morning. So… what exactly is the best anti-snoring mouthpiece on the market today? We're glad you asked.

The CustMbite Snoring System is Saving Relationships Around the World

Introducing the CustMbite Snoring System: An anti-snoring mouthpiece conceived by Dr. Michael Alvarez, a sleep medicine specialist who has spent over four decades in the field. A former president and founding member of the American Association of Dental Sleep Medicine, Dr. Alvarez has dedicated his career to helping those who are struggling with sleep disturbances like snoring. Most importantly, Dr. Alvarez has extensively studied the root cause of snoring, which allowed him to create the perfect solution. The CustMbite Snoring System is comfortable, customizable, and affordable, and it is completely based on medical science.

The Anti-Snoring Solution That Works Overnight!

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How Does an Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Work?

To understand how this anti-snoring mouthpiece works, you need to understand what actually causes snoring in the first place. Simply put, snoring happens when our tongues relax a little too much. While everyone wants a nice, relaxing sleep, problems occur when the relaxed tongue slips back towards the airway during sleep. When the airway becomes partially obstructed by the tongue, breathing becomes more labored, and voila! Snoring occurs.

The CustMbite Snoring System addresses the root cause of snoring by keeping the airway clear at all times. This is achieved with two components: an upper and lower portion that both feature tori. These tori naturally pull the tongue forward, guiding the relaxed muscle forward and down while keeping your airway clear. With your tongue out of the way, snoring can quickly become a distant memory.

Why is this Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Better than Other Devices?

The CustMbite Snoring System has a number of important advantages over other anti-snoring devices. Firstly, its customizable nature leads to a comfortable, “barely-there” feel. While other one-size-fits-all mouthguards are bulky and awkward, the CustMbite Snoring System features an ultra-thin Secure Comfort Design material that conforms to the unique contours of your oral cavity. Dr. Alvarez understood that all mouths are different when he designed this anti-snoring mouthpiece, and that's why you have the freedom to mold and personalize your CustMbite Snoring System before you use it for the first time (and anytime your bite changes).

This focus on comfort leads to real health benefits as well. With an anti-snoring mouthpiece this comfortable, you won't even notice it as you drift off to sleep. The same cannot be said for those oversized contraptions on the market today, which are so uncomfortable that falling asleep becomes impossible. In addition, these devices often manipulate your jaw in a misguided attempt to prevent snoring. Not only does this fail to address the real root cause of snoring, but it can also lead to serious health issues with your jaw, such as a misaligned bite.

Grab Your CustMbite Snoring System Today

Now, you could spend a fortune on expensive, unreliable snoring surgery or try your luck with so-called “smart devices” that are overengineered and ineffective. On the other hand, you can reach for the safe, effective, and comfortable CustMbite Snoring System, for just $74.99. Try it today with a risk-free, 30-day trial. Designed and manufactured in the United States, this is one anti-snoring mouthpiece you can actually rely on to fix your relationship.

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The Secret to Relieving Snoring

CustMbite moves the tongue out of the airway without moving the jaw forward, resulting in a more simple and comfortable anti-snoring solution.

-The Tongue Moves Forward

-The Airways Open Up

-Snoring Is Virtually Eliminated Immediately!

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Tori bumps are placed to guide the tongue forward, keeping it out of the airway.


Placed to encourage the tongue to lift slightly, elevating it to help clear the airway.

MEET THE INVENTOR - Dr. Michael Alvarez