Should I Get a Custom Snoring Mouth Guard?

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  • Better Sleep Quality
  • Easily Customized Fit To Your Teeth
  • No Uncomfortable Contraptions, Drugs or Surgery
  • Patented Design With Tori To Keep Your Tongue In Forward Position
  • Reduces Snoring By Up To 50%*
  • 65% More Comfortable Than Other Over-The-Counter Anti-Snoring Devices*

*Findings provided by a 3rd party research partner, BioSerenity Research

Not all snoring mouth guards are created equal. As you assess your options, you might be wondering whether you should opt for a custom snoring mouth guard. If you're serious about finding a real solution, it makes sense to choose products with the best features and capabilities. But what kind of benefits does a custom snoring mouth guard offer? Is customization really that important? If you're looking for answers, then consider trying out the CustMbite Snoring System. We'll be going through the various features of this device, and why it's one of the best custom-fitted solutions on the market today.

The Alternatives to a Custom Snoring Mouth Guard

First, let's consider the alternative: an over-the-counter mouthpiece that you might find at your typical drug store. There's no guarantee that this device will have any customization options. If these features are present, they will be minimal at best. Even worse, you might be stuck with a one-size-fits-all device that is way too painful and cumbersome to wear at night.

Why is Customization Important?

Customization is important because in order to get the sleep you need, you need to feel comfortable. Remember, you're in this situation because snoring is preventing you from getting a good night's sleep. If you're lying awake with a chunky piece of plastic in your mouth, you're not really addressing the core issue, are you?

What's the Best Custom Fitted Snoring Mouthpiece?

If you recognize the importance of customization, consider the CustMbite Snoring System. Designed by a four-decade sleep medicine expert and a former president of the American Association of Dental Sleep Medicine, this device ticks all the boxes — including personalization options. When he created the CustMbite Snoring System, Dr. Michael Alvarez knew he needed a product that could conform and mold to the unique lines and shape of each patient's mouth.

The CustMbite Snoring System also shrinks slightly as you wear it during the first 24 hours, making the shape even more comfortable and snug. In addition, the device comes with a separate upper and lower section. This means that you can wear it however you'd like. Put both sections in, or try just the upper or lower portion — whatever's comfortable for you.

One thing's for sure, the CustMbite Snoring System is the exact opposite of a “one-size-fits-all” mouthguard that you might get over the counter at your local pharmacy. It also boasts a unique Secure Comfort Design with lightweight properties and a barely-there feel. All of this means that you'll have absolutely no trouble drifting off to sleep while wearing the CustMbite Snoring System.

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Science Matters

Because the CustMbite Snoring System was designed in the United States by a real sleep medicine expert, you also benefit from decades of scientific research and experience. The CustMbite Snoring System targets the tongue with tori along the device. These tori ensure that your tongue stays in a comfortable, forward position during sleep. This in turn keeps the airway clear, thereby addressing the main cause of snoring in adults.

On the other hand, so many other OTC mouthguards target the jaw instead. This is both counterproductive and harmful, as it can lead to serious jaw conditions that require further medical treatment. Real medical experts know that the tongue is the core cause of snoring — not the jaw.

An Affordable Option That Works

But over-the-counter, one-size-fits-all mouthguards aren't the only questionable snoring solutions out there. You might also encounter “smart devices” that promise results with expensive technology and complicated apps. Others might recommend unnecessary snoring surgery, which is even more expensive and questionable to say the least. At the end of the day, you can save your hard-earned money and achieve real results with the CustMbite Snoring System, a made-in-the-USA, custom snoring mouth guard designed by a sleep medicine veteran. Try yours today risk-free for just $89.99.

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The Secret to Relieving Snoring

CustMbite moves the tongue out of the airway without moving the jaw forward, resulting in a more simple and comfortable anti-snoring solution.

-The Tongue Moves Forward

-The Airways Open Up

-Snoring Is Virtually Eliminated Immediately!

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Tori bumps are placed to guide the tongue forward, keeping it out of the airway.


Placed to encourage the tongue to lift slightly, elevating it to help clear the airway.

MEET THE INVENTOR - Dr. Michael Alvarez