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Sleep guards: effective overnight protection for your teeth

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If you experience the symptoms of nocturnal bruxism (also known as nighttime teeth grinding), there are many things you might try to reduce its symptoms. One of the most frequently recommended home treatments is to wear a sleep guard by CustMbite. Sleep guards provide a barrier between your teeth to relieve the pressure of bruxism. This simple method can help you wake up with fewer headaches, less tooth sensitivity, and reduced facial pain. 

At CustMbite, we considered the many reasons that people are reluctant to wear a night guard when we designed our sleep guard for bruxism. Working with dental professionals, we developed a patented fitting material to create an FDA-cleared sleep guard that’s more comfortable, affordable, and durable than any other guard available over-the-counter. 

How do I know if I need a sleep guard?

Since bruxism tends to be especially noisy at night, you might be informed of your grinding habits by someone who shares your bed. Many people also learn about their bruxism from their dentist. However, bruxism causes symptoms that might lead you to suspect that you’re grinding your teeth long before someone else tells you about it. Some of the most commonly reported symptoms are:

  • Sore jaw muscles
  • Sensitive teeth or toothaches
  • Headaches in the morning
  • Pain in your neck or shoulders

What are the consequences of bruxism?

If you suspect you have bruxism, it’s important to take action right away. Without treatment, the enormous amount of pressure that grinding and clenching place on your teeth may damage your teeth. Chronic, uncorrected bruxism may also be a contributing factor of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, a painful condition that develops when the TMJ is misaligned. Since many of the symptoms of bruxism overlap with those of other conditions (such as cavities, inner ear problems, and even sinus infections!), consult with a dentist to determine the correct treatment path for your situation.

What is a sleep guard?

A sleep guard for teeth grinding is one of the easiest and most effective methods of reducing the pain caused by bruxism. Tooth enamel is the hardest compound in the human body, but despite its strength, it’s not designed to stand up to the strain of bruxism. Sleep guards hug your top teeth completely, preventing them from contacting your bottom teeth. When you wear a sleep guard, your enamel is shielded from excess wear. It’s also intended to distribute and absorb pressure to reduce the chance of cracked or broken teeth and damage to implants or crowns. 

How do you choose the best sleep guard for bruxism? 

Sleep guards are a very simple way to decrease the effects of bruxism, but the variety of choices can be overwhelming. So how do you choose the best option? There are three main qualities that you should look for: 

  • First, your sleep guard should be comfortable. After all, you need to actually wear your sleep guard to get results. CustMbite sleep guards are made from VistaMaxx, our patented fitting material. VistaMaxx provides superior shock protection and durability while remaining thin and flexible. Other mouthguards rely on bulky materials to provide protection, making it hard to speak or sip water. CustMbite sleep guards let you talk, drink, and breathe with ease, so your night guard is more likely to spend the night where it belongs - in your mouth.  
  • Second, a sleep guard should be easy to fit. To fit your CustMbite sleep guard, the only things you need to custom-fit your guard are a microwave and a bowl of cold water. No more boiling water required! 
  • Third, sleep guards should be simple to care for. Our FDA-cleared sleep guards are nonporous, so they stay crystal-clear without the need for special soaking solutions. All you need to wash away bacteria and saliva are a toothbrush and cold water - or simply toss it into the dishwasher. 

What’s the cost of a sleep guard?

It depends. The cost of a dental sleep guard from an oral health care professional can quickly soar into the hundreds of dollars. On the other end of the spectrum, there are a variety of night guards sold at drugstores for as little as $10. Buyer beware, though - you get what you pay for. When you get a cheap guard, you might save money, but you’re also sacrificing quality.

However, the cost of a sleep guard is minimal when you consider the price you might pay to repair potential damage to your teeth. Crowns, root canals, and implants are expensive and painful procedures, so spending $50 on a CustMbite sleep guard is an investment that can really pay off.

Experience the comfort and protection of CustMbite

If you’re ready to experience the relief that wearing a sleep guard can provide, give a CustMbite sleep guard a try. For those who suffer from bruxism discomfort, wearing a sleep guard is an effective way to ease your symptoms, rest more comfortably, and even wake up feeling more refreshed. Curious to see for yourself? Get your CustMbite sleep guard now.

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