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  • Better Sleep Quality
  • Easily Customized Fit To Your Teeth
  • No Uncomfortable Contraptions, Drugs or Surgery
  • Patented Design With Tori To Keep Your Tongue In Forward Position
  • Reduces Snoring By Up To 50%*
  • 65% More Comfortable Than Other Over-The-Counter Anti-Snoring Devices*

*Findings provided by a 3rd party research partner, BioSerenity Research

Few things in life feel better than waking up from a good night's sleep. Most of us know this peaceful feeling and appreciate it greatly. But those of us who have chronic snoring problems may not even remember having experienced such a night in a long, long time. If we have a sleep partner, they may not have had this experience, either, because our snoring could keep them up throughout the night as well.

If you're one of the 50% of Americans who have a snoring problem (or one of the other half of Americans who suffer alongside the snorers), we've got an effective solution for you. The CustMbite Snoring System is an affordable, comfortable, and customizable device to prevent snoring that you can use night after night to experience peaceful sleep for you and your partner.

What prevent-snoring devices work best?

There are all kinds of one-size-fits-all snoring devices on the market today. From nose strips and clips to chin straps, masks, and even surgery, there are plenty of expensive, ineffective devices on the market that claim to prevent snoring. But we know that one size does not actually fit all. These solutions are primarily based on the idea of pulling the jaw forward to open up the airway. This is not only ineffective, but can even be dangerous, causing problems like TMJ and a misaligned bite.

The CustMbite Snoring System, on the other hand, is customizable to every individual's bite. The system comes with a lower mouthguard and an upper mouthguard, each of which is molded to fit your exact bite. You can try the lower mouthguard first, and if that doesn't work well or feel comfortable, you can try the upper mouthguard.

Both guards feature tori, which gently pull the tongue forward and down, naturally opening the airway and preventing snoring. There is no other prevent-snoring device like it. The CustMbite Snoring System is FDA-cleared and has been proven to reduce snoring by up to 50%. That's a lot more peaceful sleep you can look forward to!

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What are the top features of the best devices to prevent snoring?

The CustMbite Snoring System is customizable. When you receive your CustMbite Snoring System, you will mold the bottom and top mouthguards to fit your specific bite. It will continue to shrink a bit for 24 hours, providing a nice, snug fit to your teeth. If your bite changes for any reason, you can remold the device to fit your new bite, saving time and money.

The CustMbite Snoring System is comfortable. The Secure Comfort Design material it's made of is thin, yet strong enough to work night after night. The customized fit makes it easy to wear, and of course, if you actually wear your prevent-snoring device, it works much better than if it sits on your bathroom counter.

The CustMbite Snoring System is affordable. It costs only $74.99 and is designed and manufactured entirely in the United States. Because it can be remolded to your bite, you never need to buy a new CustMbite Snoring System. Plus, it's free to try for 30 days, and if you don't agree that it's the best of the devices to prevent snoring, it won't cost you a cent.

Where can I get the best prevent-snoring device?

When Dr. Michael Alvarez, a founding member and former president of the American Association of Dental Sleep Medicine, designed the CustMbite Snoring System, he intended to provide the best prevent-snoring device ever, and he succeeded. Order the best device to prevent snoring online today and see what a peaceful night of sleep is like.

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The Secret to Relieving Snoring

CustMbite moves the tongue out of the airway without moving the jaw forward, resulting in a more simple and comfortable anti-snoring solution.

-The Tongue Moves Forward

-The Airways Open Up

-Snoring Is Virtually Eliminated Immediately!

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Tori bumps are placed to guide the tongue forward, keeping it out of the airway.


Placed to encourage the tongue to lift slightly, elevating it to help clear the airway.

MEET THE INVENTOR - Dr. Michael Alvarez