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Why People Grind Their Teeth at Night

If you grind your teeth during the night when you can’t stop yourself, you can benefit from using a teeth grinding guard like the CustMbite Nightguard. There are a few causes of teeth grinding at night. One is a disorder of the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ. This occurs when the joint that connects the jaw to the rest of the skull is misaligned or worn down excessively. If you have TMJ disorder, you may notice signs such as popping noises when you chew or discomfort when you open your mouth wide, such as for a yawn.

Another potential cause of nighttime teeth grinding, or bruxism, is stress. If this is the cause, you may notice unexplained aches in the morning centered in your jaw, head, or even shoulders. You may even catch yourself grinding your teeth during your waking hours and stop yourself from doing so. Unfortunately, during your sleeping hours, you don’t have the ability to consciously stop yourself from teeth grinding. That’s why wearing a teeth grinding guard while sleeping can be helpful.

Impacts of Teeth Grinding

The effects of nighttime bruxism can be painful and irritating. You may experience pain in your teeth, your jaw, your neck and shoulders, and even other aches throughout your body. Intense morning headaches often follow a night of teeth grinding and can become a problem on their own. 

It’s difficult to manage your daily tasks with your full attention when you are losing sleep. This is likely happening when you are grinding your teeth at night, whether you realize it or not. Sleep apnea is a common sidekick to teeth grinding. Sleep apnea occurs when you stop breathing just long enough to wake up for a moment and start breathing again. This keeps you from getting the good, deep, REM sleep necessary for a truly restful night.

Losing sleep due to teeth grinding can lead to problems in your career and personal life. You may be slower on getting tasks done or even forget certain tasks. You may also have a shorter fuse due to lack of sleep, which may cause problems in both your professional or personal life. 

Your teeth grinding at night can also make it difficult for your partner to sleep well. The noise caused by your grinding teeth could wake them. You may toss and turn more as you experience pain during your sleep, which could also wake your partner. This can cause difficulties in your relationship, as irritability is a symptom of not sleeping well. 

If you’re an athlete, losing sleep due to teeth grinding or clenching can cause your performance to suffer. You could end up spending more time on the bench, ruining future prospects or your enjoyment of the sport. You could also end up with injuries as your reflex time can be hindered by a lack of sleep.

How can a CustMbite Nightguard help prevent teeth grinding at night?

The CustMbite Nightguard has been developed with the aid of dental professionals. It’s made of our patented material, VistaMaxx, which is designed for your protection and comfort. The material is thin enough that you can speak clearly and even get a drink of water during the night without removing your teeth grinding guard. 

Just because the CustMbite Nightguard is thin doesn’t mean it’s not tough, though. Other teeth grinding guards and retainers on the market may be especially bulky to try to prevent your teeth from punching through the guard while grinding. Our guard is tough enough to prevent your teeth from grinding through the material night after night.

Another reason our teeth grinding guard works so well is because you can customize it to fit your teeth perfectly. When you receive the guard, all you need is a  microwave, a bowl of cold water, and a couple of minutes to fit it directly to your teeth. There’s no need to waste money purchasing another mouthguard if you have dental or orthodontic work done on your teeth. All you have to do is remold the CustMbite Nightguard the same way you did the first time, and it will fit the new configuration of your teeth. 

If you have traditional metal braces, our guard will work perfectly well over the braces. You can remold the teeth grinding guard each time your orthodontist adjusts your settings and your teeth have moved. The CustMbite Nightguard is perfect for your convenience, comfort, and protection.

Where can I get the CustMbite Nightguard to prevent teeth grinding?

When you realize that you need a nighttime teeth grinding guard, turn to our CustMbite Nightguard. It has the strength and flexibility to prevent your teeth from grinding or clenching at night, and it’s comfortable enough to wear every night. See the different CustMbite can make and order the best teeth grinding guard available online today!

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