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Teeth Grinding Mouthguard for Kids

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Kids Who Need Mouthguards for Teeth Grinding

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is becoming more common in children as the world becomes a more stressful place for them to navigate. While researchers don’t know the exact reason people grind their teeth, the habit does seem to be linked to stress and anxiety. During the day, even kids can learn to notice when they are grinding their teeth and stop. The same is not true for nighttime when they are sleeping, and many people who grind their teeth during the day also grind them at night. That’s why your child may need to use a quality mouthguard for sleeping like the CustMbite Nightguard for kids.

While many children outgrow the habit of grinding their teeth before it does any harm, for others, it can be detrimental to their new adult teeth. Severe or long-term bruxism can cause teeth to chip, crack, or break off into pieces. It can also cause aches in the head, face, neck, or ears. In fact, if it’s very severe, it can lead to TMJ disorder, which can lead to even more serious consequences like hearing loss. It’s better to get a handle on bruxism as early as possible so your child doesn’t suffer any of these dire consequences further down the road. 

Continue reading to learn how you can help reduce the stress and anxiety your child feels, which can also help with bruxism, and to learn how the CustMbite Nightguard can help alleviate your kid’s symptoms from nighttime bruxism.

Tips to Help Prevent Stress and Anxiety in Your Child’s Life

  • Provide a positive example. Learn to manage stress in your life with a calm attitude. If you’re overly stressed, your child will pick up on that and it can cause their stress to increase.
  • Encourage rational thinking. When your child is overly worried about something, walk them through realistic potential consequences of a choice or action, and help them see realistically what could happen and what they can do to get the outcome they desire. This gives them control in their life, which is known to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Provide a healthy diet and plenty of exercise for your child. Having a healthy body helps reduce stress hormones and helps your child face stressful situations in all areas of their lives.
  • Encourage them to write about or draw the things that are worrying them. No matter what their age, being able to get anxieties out on paper can help them look at the situation and deal with it in a more logical and less fearful manner.
  • Teach them to focus on others. If your child is anxious about news stories describing poverty or natural disasters, get them involved in the solution. There are many family volunteer opportunities, or kids can write encouraging letters or fundraise for disaster survivors. Getting involved in a way that helps them feel like they are helping can go a great way towards relieving excess anxiety over a tough situation.
  • Demonstrate relaxation techniques. These can be breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, massage, aromatherapy, yoga, or exercise like tai chi. Your child can turn to these stress relievers whenever anxiety starts building up for them.

How can the CustMbite Nightguard help alleviate my child’s symptoms?

Experts agree that custom-fit nightguards like the CustMbite Nightguard are the most effective in helping to reduce the serious effects of nighttime teeth grinding. When your child first receives their CustMbite Nightguard, you can help them mold it specifically to their bite. It only takes a couple of minutes. 

The teeth grinding mouthguard is made of our patented VistaMaxx material, which is strong enough to keep teeth from contacting each other during the night, while being flexible enough to allow your child to speak clearly, drink water, and breathe easily with it in. 

You won’t need to buy a new nightguard each time your child’s bite changes, either. That’s because the VistaMaxx material can be remolded as needed throughout the time your kid needs to use it. If your child suffers from bruxism, it’s up to you to help them by getting them a CustMbite Nightguard and encouraging them to wear it each night.

Where can I get a CustMbite Nightguard for my kid?

For an affordable and effective device that can help prevent the consequences of nighttime bruxism, you can trust the CustMbite Nightguard. It has been evaluated and accepted by the FDA and is free of phthalates, PVC, BPA, and latex. It doesn’t absorb bacteria, saliva, or water, and is easy to clean each day. You can also let your child choose from five colors: pink, blue, navy, clear, and black. Order the best teeth grinding mouthguard for kids online today and see what a difference it makes in your child’s sleep!

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