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You deserve the best foam for teeth whitening on the market, and that’s what we deliver in the CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit. There are many options available today for whitening teeth including strips, whitening pens, toothpastes, and in-office whitening at your dentist’s office. It’s hard to know what will work best for you at an affordable price. For example, you could spend over $1,000 for in-office treatments, and even your dentist’s take-home kits can cost up to $400. But instead of investing so much, you can get outstanding results with the CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit, which is available for an affordable $30. Continue reading to find out more about how our teeth whitening foam trays fit in to your busy life to bring you your dream smile.

How Does CustMbite teeth whitening foam work to brighten my smile?

The most important practice to keep a white smile throughout your life is good dental hygiene, including regular brushing and flossing as your dentist recommends. Unfortunately, time does a number on the brightness of your teeth, and this can be exacerbated through habits like drinking coffee, using tobacco products, and taking certain medications, including antihistamines for allergies. You don’t have to worry about dull teeth ruining your smile, though. We’ve worked closely with dental professionals to create the CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit so you can get professional results at a fraction of the cost and in the comfort of your own home.

Our teeth whitening foam uses safe, non-toxic chemicals that break stains on your teeth into small bits, allowing more white to show through, which in turn brightens your smile. The whitening foam in the CustMbite Teeth Whitening Kit uses an eight percent solution of Carbamide Peroxide to help bring out a smile that shows off your pearly whites to their best advantage. The mint-flavored foam is applied to the comfortable, custom-molded whitening trays provided in the kit. The foam is strong on stains, but gentle enough to use all night while you sleep. If you don’t have time for a whitening solution during the day, this can be the best teeth whitening solution for your busy life.

Another benefit of our whitening kit is that it offers excellent teeth whitening for sensitive teeth. If you have sensitive teeth, you know the sudden, painful zing experienced when the wrong substance hits your teeth. It’s downright painful, and there are a number of teeth whitening solutions that can cause this reaction due to the specific chemicals used or the format in which they are delivered. That won’t happen with the CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit because it is specially formulated to be the best teeth whitening kit for sensitive teeth. If you’ve tried another solution, you’ll be able to appreciate the difference.

What is the best teeth whitening foam?

The gentle, pain-free foam used in our CustMbite Teeth Whitening Kits have been developed by dentistry experts to improve the whiteness of your teeth without activating the sensitive nerves in your teeth. The foam has a mint flavor that offers a fresh taste as you whiten your teeth, all of which can be done during the hours you sleep. Best of all, the kit only costs $30, which is far less than most other teeth whitening options. The combination of effectiveness, convenience, and a great price make our teeth whitening foam the best available.

If you’ve ever tried to keep up with a daytime teeth whitening routine, you’ve probably at some point found yourself skipping a treatment here and there until you don’t use your product more often than you do. That’s obviously not going to be highly effective. That’s where the convenience of overnight use of the CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit’s gentle teeth whitening foam comes into play. Since you can use it overnight, it doesn’t take a minute out of your schedule. The whitening trays are comfortable and when you apply the foam, you can see that once you put the tray on, it will cover all portions of your teeth for an even white that can roll your smile back to younger days. The trays fit snugly so that none of the solution can escape to irritate your gums or soft tissues in your mouth.

Where Can I Purchase a CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit?

If you’ve tried messy teeth whitening strips, used whitening toothpastes for years without noticeable effects, or become tired of trying a teeth whitening solution only to experience the shooting pain that comes with sensitive teeth, it’s time to try the CustMbite Teeth Whitening Smile Kit. The products were created by dental professionals and it contains the best teeth whitening foam available for convenient overnight use. Priced at an amazing $30, with refills of the foam or gel available for $15, you can’t go wrong. Buy the best foam for teeth whitening in our home whitening kit today!

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