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Treating TMJ Disorder with a Mouthpiece

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CustMbite: TMJ mouthpieces you can rely on

There are millions of people who experience the symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder (also known as TMJ and TMJD) each year, and even seemingly mild symptoms can have a significant effect on your overall health. If you suffer from TMJ, your dentist may recommend that you wear a TMJ mouthpiece. However, specialized TMJ mouthpieces from your dentist’s office can cost hundreds of dollars, and if you’ve tried other over-the-counter options, you may have found yourself disappointed. Read on to learn about the unique advantages of a CustMbite mouthguard for TMJ.

How do mouthpieces for TMJ help to reduce TMJ pain?

When any of the TMJ’s muscles, ligaments, discs, or bones malfunction, it’s known as TMJD. Because the joint moves both back and forth and open and closed, there are many components involved. Even minor misalignments or malfunctions can cause major discomfort.

Though many of the symptoms do affect the jaw, temporomandibular joint disorder can have an effect on your entire upper body. TMJD can cause arm and finger numbness, migraine-like headaches, and hearing loss. All of these maladies can stem from tension or misalignment of the jaw. TMJ mouthguards help to reduce the pain of TMJ by providing a cushion between your teeth. This can reduce the pressure you feel due to a misaligned bite or bruxism (teeth grinding).

What types of TMJ mouthpieces are available?

There are several types of TMJ devices available. If your TMJ symptoms indicate that you might benefit from a TMJ mouthpiece, a dentist can help you choose the right one. Here are the most common devices recommended by dental professionals:

  • Repositioning splint: This TMJ mouthpiece is used in situations where the lower jaw must be repositioned, either forward or backward, to relieve pressure on the jaw. This helps to reduce TMJ pain. However, wearing a repositioning splint can potentially cause permanent changes in your bite, so you will need careful supervision from a dentist.
  • Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition Tension Suppression System (NTI-TSS): This mouthpiece creates contact between only the upper and lower front teeth, separating the back teeth entirely. This helps to reduce pressure on the back teeth, but NTI-TSS devices can cause undue stress on the front teeth that can lead to wear or even breakage.
  • Modified Hawley splint: Similar to the NTI-TSS, this device is designed to separate the back teeth. It covers all of the upper teeth and creates contact with only the front six lower teeth.
  • Stabilization guard: These are more commonly known as TMJ mouthguards. Covering the entire surface of your upper teeth, they allow your jaw to relax and recover while your bottom teeth rest naturally. TMJ mouthguards can reduce the pressure you put on your teeth, which is particularly useful for those with bruxism.

While custom TMJ mouthpieces made by your dentist can cost a small fortune, the reality is that the majority of people with TMJ can experience significant relief by wearing a TMJ mouthguard.

The CustMbite advantage

At CustMbite, we know that wearing a high-quality mouthguard for TMJ can be an effective way to address some of the most painful symptoms of TMJ. We wanted to make professional-quality TMJ mouthguards available to everyone. In partnership with dental professionals, we developed a patented fitting material called VistaMaxx that provides superior comfort and first-class durability. Our TMJ mouthpieces are:

  • Easy to use: VistaMaxx eliminates the hassle of boiling a pot of water to mold your TMJ mouthguard. You can fit your CustMbite mouthguard with just a microwave and two minutes of your time. Simply pop it in the microwave, give it a quick dip into cold water (just until it’s cool enough to handle comfortably), and bite down. Create a vacuum in your mouth by sucking and applying light pressure to the front of your teeth. Voila - your very own custom-fit TMJ mouthguard.
  • Easy to care for: VistaMaxx is FDA-cleared and free of BP, PVC, phthalates, and latex. It’s nonporous, so it won’t absorb saliva or bacteria. CustMbite TMJ mouthguards stay crystal-clear and odor-free with minimal care too. All you need is cold water and a toothbrush or a dishwasher - no special equipment or cleaning solutions required.
  • Easy to wear: It’s a fact - if your mouthpiece isn’t comfortable, you’re not going to wear it. Plus, if you need to take it out to take a sip of water or speak to someone, it might never make it back into your mouth. CustMbite TMJ mouthguards are so thin and flexible, you can wear them all night long. VistaMaxx offers protection without bulk, so you can talk, drink, and breathe with ease.

Give yourself the relief of a custom TMJ mouthpiece from CustMbite

If you are tired of the effects that TMJ symptoms have on your quality of life, try a TMJ mouthguard from CustMbite. This noninvasive treatment method has been used by millions of TMJ sufferers who have reported a measurable decrease in their TMJ pain. Before investing in an expensive TMJ device from your dentist, give a custom-fit TMJ mouthguard from CustMbite. Our thin mouthpieces offer superior comfort without compromising protection. If you’re ready to experience the benefits and advantages of CustMbite for yourself, buy the best mouthguard for TMJ now.

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