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Brighter Smiles, Better Communities: Making Connections at 50

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Say “Welcome to the Neighborhood” With Your Smile

As your 50th birthday approaches, it’s natural to take a moment to reflect on where you are, how far you’ve come, and where you’d like to go next. No matter what your family looks like, growing older means making more connections. We all take part in our communities, and as you (and your family) grow, you can extend and deepen your connections by engaging more with people who share your interests and your neighborhood.

At 50, you’ve got a wealth of knowledge gained over the years. Life experience has taught you that talking to strangers really isn’t that hard. In fact, a little small talk in the grocery line can lead to bigger things, like connecting a neighbor with a job opportunity. That’s just one way community works — with a smile. Why not make yours as inviting as possible? Open up new doors with the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit. Our at-home whitening kit provides everything you need to get dental-quality teeth whitening at home, making it easy to get a smile that’s as welcoming as you are. If you’re looking for some ideas that will get your community sharing a smile, check out the list below for some ideas that you can start putting into action on your 50th.

Doing Good While Having Fun

When you’re looking to create community, look at what your neighborhood needs. Are you lacking public green space? Are you in a food desert? Is it hard for elderly people in the country to get help with shoveling or raking? If you don’t see an obvious need, think about what might make your neighbors smile:

  • Build a Little Free Library: If you live in a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood, build a Little Free Library. Tailor the selections you put inside to the area. If you live near a retirement home, grab some good mysteries. If you’re near an elementary school, put in some books that made you smile as a child. 
  • Host a block party: Whether it’s for National Night Out or just to celebrate the community, spearhead the organization of a block party that includes games, a raffle, chalk art for the kids, and a meal. After all, there’s no better way to meet the neighbors than to eat with the neighbors. 
  • Resource hub: If you see community members in need of resources, create a hub to connect the two. It can be as involved as building a website or as simple as word of mouth. 
  • Infrastructure improvements: While it’s not a one-day project, there’s no better day than your birthday to send in a suggestion for a way to improve your city or town. A new stop sign? A safer playground? Reaching out to your local officials can result in a change that makes the whole neighborhood smile.  
  • Art and garden tours: If your neighborhood is home to several gardeners with green thumbs, ask if they’d be comfortable with having their garden included on a self-guided local garden tour. You could also enlist neighbors to create art on a window that’s visible to all. 

While these are ideas that generally depend on neighbor participation, community-building can be as simple as taking a neighbor’s trash out for them. Even the littlest things can give someone a big reason to smile.

How does the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit work? 

The CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit arrives at your doorstep with everything that you need to get a brighter, whiter smile. The kit includes two trays and two different whitening options, giving you choices when it comes to brightening your smile. If you’re looking for teeth whitening for sensitive teeth, choose the teeth whitening foam. This 8 percent carbamide peroxide solution is so gentle that it can be worn in the trays overnight. For more stubborn stains, the teeth whitening gel breaks up discoloration with 22 percent carbamide peroxide in 20 minutes or less of daily use. 

To apply the teeth whitening foam or gel, you’ll dispense it into the included trays. Unlike other whitening systems, our trays are thin, comfortable, and easy to custom-mold to your teeth. They provide you with a near-custom dental fit that helps the whitening solution stay on your teeth, where it should be — and not on your gums, where it can cause irritation. 

Where can I get my own CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit?

When you order a CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit, you don’t need to take an extra trip to the dentist’s office. Your kit arrives right at your door. You can have your brighter, more welcoming smile ready to debut by the time your 50th birthday rolls around. Whether you’re greeting old neighbors or inviting new ones into the fold, make them feel welcome with your bright, friendly smile. Get the best teeth whitening kit available now.

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