What Are Sleeping Aids, and How Can They Help with Snoring?

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  • Better Sleep Quality
  • Easily Customized Fit To Your Teeth
  • No Uncomfortable Contraptions, Drugs or Surgery
  • Patented Design With Tori To Keep Your Tongue In Forward Position
  • Reduces Snoring By Up To 50%*
  • 65% More Comfortable Than Other Over-The-Counter Anti-Snoring Devices*

*Findings provided by a 3rd party research partner, BioSerenity Research

Many people incorrectly assume that snoring is simply a reality of life. However, it's important to note that there are solutions to this problem. Take advantage of these solutions, and you can say goodbye to snoring once and for all. Make no mistake, this type of sleep disturbance can lead to a number of physical and mental health problems. In addition, snoring can cause rifts and even breakups between couples. The severity of these issues makes it important to explore all of the various options when it comes to sleep aids for snoring.

What Are the Best Snoring Aids?

While there are many available solutions, not all are created equal. When searching for snoring aids, you need to carefully assess the options and choose only the best products on the market. Substandard snoring aids can not only be ineffective, but they can also lead to additional sleep problems. One of the best sleeping aids on the market today is the CustMbite Snoring System. This product rises above the competition thanks to a combination of customization, comfort, and affordability.

How Does the CustMbite Snoring System Work?

The CustMbite Snoring System works by targeting the root cause of snoring. Snoring occurs when the tongue relaxes and moves backward during sleep, partially obstructing the airway and causing breathing issues, and the CustMbite addresses this problem with upper and lower components that both feature tori. These tori gently encourage the tongue to move forward and down during sleep, keeping the airway clear at all times. With this sleep aid, snoring levels are dramatically reduced.

Is the CustMbite Snoring System Comfortable?

The CustMbite Snoring System also delivers exceptional levels of comfort thanks to its thin, flexible, and lightweight construction. With a fully customizable Secure Comfort Design, the end result is a personalized, snug fit that won't affect your ability to sleep. Once you receive your CustMbite Snoring System, you can mold it to fit the exact contours of your mouth. During the first 24 hours of use, this snoring aid continues to adapt to your oral cavity, creating an even more comfortable fit. Finally, you can choose to wear the lower portion alone or add in the upper portion, giving you considerable freedom and flexibility.

Who Created the CustMbite Snoring System?

The CustMbite Snoring System is one of the best snoring aids on the market because it was designed by a four-decade veteran of the sleep medicine world. Dr. Michael Alvarez was a founding member and president of the American Association of Dental Sleep Medicine, and he spent years studying the root cause of snoring before creating this device.

Why is the CustMbite Snoring System Better than Other Snoring Aids?

The CustMbite Snoring System offers many notable advantages compared to other snoring aids. Most “one-size-fits-all” mouthguards fail to address the root cause of snoring, instead moving the jaw into uncomfortable, awkward positions. Not only does this make it very hard to fall asleep, but it can also lead to additional medical concerns, such as a misaligned bite and other problems with the jaw.

These devices are usually quite bulky, and their “one-size-fits-all” approach does not take into account the variations between different mouths. In contrast, the CustMbite Snoring System is completely customizable, lightweight, and comfortable while successfully targeting the root cause of snoring: the tongue.

The CustMbite is also a more realistic option compared to snoring surgery, “smart devices,” and other potential solutions that can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. And who knows if these solutions are even guaranteed to work? For just $74.99, you get a sleep aid that is built in the USA and based on medical science. Try your CustMbite Snoring System today risk-free for 30 days.

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The Secret to Relieving Snoring

CustMbite moves the tongue out of the airway without moving the jaw forward, resulting in a more simple and comfortable anti-snoring solution.

-The Tongue Moves Forward

-The Airways Open Up

-Snoring Is Virtually Eliminated Immediately!

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Tori bumps are placed to guide the tongue forward, keeping it out of the airway.


Placed to encourage the tongue to lift slightly, elevating it to help clear the airway.

MEET THE INVENTOR - Dr. Michael Alvarez