There are a number of different types of retainers used by dentists. Retainers are devices custom-made of plastic and/or wires that hold a patient's teeth in position after their braces are taken off or after dental surgery. After such treatment, it's easy for teeth to move back to their original positions. Retainers prevent this from happening so all the work that goes into moving teeth to the correct location is not wasted.

No matter what type of retainer your orthodontist has you wear, you can clean it quickly and easily by using the CustMbite All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner. Continue reading to learn about the different types of retainers, including the Essix retainer.

Types of Retainers

The oldest form of retainer is called a Hawley retainer and it is most often used for the upper teeth. It is made with a wire-and-clasp design that sticks to a thick plastic material. The plastic covers the roof of the person's mouth.

Bonded retainers are also called fixed retainers. These are non-removable retainers made of a thin piece of wire that is attached to the back of the patient's teeth. They keep a person's teeth straight with minimal effort, and because they are bonded to the back of the person's teeth, they are virtually invisible.

Zendura retainers are made of clear thermoformable material. They are incredibly strong and durable and are considered the “gold standard” when it comes to quality retainers.

Essix retainers are similar to Zendura retainers. They are removable and made of clear plastic. It's an ideal option for people who don't want their retainer to be obviously visible when they are wearing it.

Essix retainers are much less noticeable than wire retainers and they are incredibly convenient. They basically look the same as invisible aligners. They are also helpful for oral hygiene because they can be taken out at any time for the wearer to brush and floss their teeth thoroughly. Every time the wearer takes their Essix retainer off to clean their teeth, they should also clean it with a quality product like the CustMbite All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner.

Essix retainers are unique to each patient because they are molded to fit their bite. The retainer covers all of their teeth, whether it's an upper retainer, lower retainer, or one of each. Because they are custom-fit in this way, they easily keep the teeth from moving out of alignment. Essix retainers are also referred to as overlay retainers because they cover all the teeth. They have an average lifespan of about 18-24 months.

Essix retainers are easy for dentists to make. First, they take an impression of the patient's teeth. The impression is turned into a plastic cast, which is then heated while a sheet of plastic is put over it. Once the excess plastic has been trimmed, the Essix retainer is ready to be used by the patient.

Essix retainers have quite a few advantages, including the fact that they are removable, easy to clean, and transparent. However, there are a few disadvantages to them. For example, the plastic may warp if exposed to too much heat and they can potentially interfere with a person's speech.

How to Care for Your Essix Retainer

Every time you take out your retainer for any reason, rinse it in cold water. At least once or twice a day, use the CustMbite All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner to clean and sanitize the retainer. First, spray the retainer. Leave the spray on for up to two hours to sanitize it, and then wipe it off with a soft cloth. Then rinse it in water and it's ready to wear. Never use a toothbrush or toothpaste on your retainer as that can cause abrasions that allow bacteria to build up.

The CustMbite All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner has a minty-fresh taste that makes it a pleasure to use. It's made right here in the U.S.A. and is regulated according to U.S. standards, so you can trust that it's of the highest quality.

Where can I get the best cleaner for my Essix retainer?

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