Where Can I Find an Adjustable Mouth Guard for Snoring?

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  • Better Sleep Quality
  • Easily Customized Fit To Your Teeth
  • No Uncomfortable Contraptions, Drugs or Surgery
  • Patented Design With Tori To Keep Your Tongue In Forward Position
  • Reduces Snoring By Up To 50%*
  • 65% More Comfortable Than Other Over-The-Counter Anti-Snoring Devices*

*Findings provided by a 3rd party research partner, BioSerenity Research

If you've experienced the nightmare of a one-size-fits-all snoring mouthguard, you already know that customizability is incredibly important. If you have a snoring problem, wearing an excruciatingly uncomfortable contraption is not the solution. Snoring is harmful because it keeps you awake, resulting in mental health issues, fractured relationships, and even heart conditions. If you can't fall asleep because you're wearing an unwieldy piece of plastic in your mouth, you'll suffer the exact same issues.

Fortunately, there's an adjustable mouth guard for snoring that's taking America by storm, and it's called the CustMbite Snoring System.

What Kind of Customization Options Does the CustMbite Snoring System Have?

Customization of your new CustMbite Snoring System begins as soon as you receive this product. You can immediately start by molding it to the shape of your mouth, ensuring a totally personalized, exceedingly comfortable shape. Over the next 24 hours, your new adjustable snoring mouthpiece will continue to shape itself to the contours of your mouth, shrinking slightly and creating a snugger, more satisfying feel.

As you get used to the CustMbite Snoring System, you can customize it even further. This device comes with separate upper and lower portions, so if you'd like to swap out sections, you're free to do so. This means there are three different ways to wear the CustMbite Snoring System, and you can choose whatever setup works best for you.

What If I Choose a One-Size-Fits-All Device?

So what happens if you don't choose an adjustable mouth guard for snoring? Too many one-size-fits-all devices are simply too difficult to manage. Without these customization options, you may be left in considerable pain and discomfort. Sure, you might have a snoring problem. But that doesn't mean you need to torture yourself every night with a product that doesn't even work.

The Anti-Snoring Solution That Works Overnight!

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Backed By Science

Aside from being one of the most comfortable products you'll ever wear, the CustMbite Snoring System also provides real results due to an ingenious strategy devised by Dr. Michael Alvarez. After watching his patients struggle with snoring for more than 40 years, Dr. Alvarez decided to create a solution based on his own scientific research.

As a sleep medicine expert who has served as president of the American Association of Dental Sleep Medicine, he knows that snoring is actually caused by the tongue. You see, the tongue tends to relax during deep sleep, and this can cause it to migrate backward and partially block your airway. This blockage is why snoring occurs.

The CustMbite Snoring System features embedded tori that encourage the tongue to rest in a forward, comfortable position. This adjustable mouth guard for snoring keeps your airway clear, dramatically reducing snoring while you breathe clearly during sleep.

Of course, you're free to try out some of the other mouthguards on the market. But many of these products were not designed by medical experts, and they may move your jaw into awkward and even harmful positions in a misguided effort to stop snoring. As we've already established, the tongue is the real cause of snoring, so manipulating the jaw achieves absolutely nothing.

Try the CustMbite Snoring System for Yourself

The good news is that you can try the CustMbite Snoring System risk-free for 30 days. Affordable, reliable, and long-lasting, this made-in-the-USA adjustable snoring mouthpiece will cost you just $89.99. That's cheaper than many other ineffective mouth guards, snoring surgery, and so-called “smart devices.” Check it out today and make a sound investment in your sleep health.

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The Secret to Relieving Snoring

CustMbite moves the tongue out of the airway without moving the jaw forward, resulting in a more simple and comfortable anti-snoring solution.

-The Tongue Moves Forward

-The Airways Open Up

-Snoring Is Virtually Eliminated Immediately!

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Tori bumps are placed to guide the tongue forward, keeping it out of the airway.


Placed to encourage the tongue to lift slightly, elevating it to help clear the airway.

MEET THE INVENTOR - Dr. Michael Alvarez