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Wow Potential Customers With Whiter Teeth on Facebook Sponsored Posts

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How can whiter teeth help on sponsored posts or live Facebook broadcasts?

Whether it’s fair or not, our society is one of images. We are drawn to things that are pleasing to the eye and turn away from unpleasant images. Western society has determined that straight, white teeth are a defining feature of a likeable face. Moreover, people attribute certain qualities to brighter, whiter teeth that you can take advantage of when thinking about creating sponsored posts or livestreams for your small business.

Many studies show that people see others with white teeth as trustworthy, friendly, engaging, and honest. When they see people with white teeth, they want to get to know them more than they’d like to know people with dull or discolored teeth. How can you use that to your benefit if your teeth are not already white? You can get a whiter smile for your video using the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit. Read below some tips on Facebook Live and sponsored posts and how our teeth whitening kit can help you appear as dependable as you really are.

Tips to Designing a Good Facebook Strategy for Small Businesses

  1. Get to know your existing customers, and create an imaginary “perfect customer” to target in your posts. This will help you draw in people similar to those who already use your product or service.
  2. If you haven’t already, create your business Facebook page. Include all the basic information. Don’t leave anything blank. Add in pictures wherever you can. Don’t forget to include a call to action on your cover photo.
  3. To help people find your Facebook page, add “like” buttons to your website and any articles that you cross-post on other platforms. Include it in your email signature and encourage your employees to do the same.
  4. Develop a content strategy that includes a variety of types of content such as eye-catching images, videos (a great chance to show off your bright teeth and winning personality), and other types of short posts. Include links to long-form blog content as well.
  5. Be strategic about the way you time your Facebook posts. One post per day seems to be the sweet spot for having enough content to engage with while not annoying potential customers.
  6. Track key metrics to make sure your Facebook strategy is working. Are you gaining more followers? If not, why? Do you need to post at different times of the day? Do you need to include SEO that you’re not capturing? Use apps created to measure your metrics and analyze them, and you can then rework any part of the strategy that is not optimal for your purpose.

How does the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit help me get a whiter smile?

If you’re looking for the best teeth whitening kit that you can do at home, you’ve found it. The CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit comes with everything you need to get whiter teeth for your Facebook sponsored posts and livestreams. There are two customizable teeth whitening trays, teeth whitening foam, and teeth whitening gel.

There’s no need to visit your dentist’s office to get your trays—you can custom-mold the trays right away in your kitchen. You only need a couple of minutes, a microwave, and a bowl of cold water.

You can choose to use the gel, the foam, or a combination. Our teeth whitening gel is made of a 22 percent solution of carbamide peroxide and can be used for 5-20 minutes a day. Because the trays are molded to your teeth, you won’t waste any gel or get any on the soft tissue in your mouth, so it’s a pain-free way to whiten your teeth.

If you’re looking for teeth whitening for sensitive teeth, you may choose to use the foam. It’s made of an 8 percent solution of carbamide peroxide, so it’s gentler on your sensitive teeth. You can use the foam up to five times a day, or overnight, whichever is most convenient for you.

The chemicals in the gel and foam attack the stains and discoloration on your teeth and break those particles up into smaller and smaller pieces. This allows the white teeth underneath to shine through, making your appearance in your business’s Facebook posts much more presentable. People will trust you because you take good care of yourself and because your smile is one they can relate to.

Where can I get a CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit?

When you’re looking for affordable teeth whitening, you can’t go wrong with the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit. Rather than costing $1,000 or more as teeth whitening treatment at your dentist can, our kit costs just $30 for the first full kit, which lasts about a month. After that, you can get refills of the gel or foam for only $15. You don’t need to get new trays even if you have dental work done, because you can remold them as many times as you need. Purchase your CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit today and see the difference for yourself!

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