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Dazzle Your Prom Date With Whiter Teeth

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Benefits of Whiter Teeth at Your Prom

There are plenty of benefits to having the whitest teeth possible at your prom. Whether you’re a junior or senior, prom is a big deal. You may be going with that special someone, or you may be attending with a group of friends. Either way, prom means lots and lots of photos. Since you’ll be smiling in the majority of those pictures, you’ll want your smile to be something special.

Have you been slamming tasty coffee drinks from Starbucks all year to help you stay focused in your morning classes? If so, you may notice that your teeth have become discolored. That’s not the look you want at the prom. Instead, use our CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit to get whiter teeth for prom. You’ll have much greater self-confidence, which might make you smile even more. Continue reading to see how to make the most of your smile during prom photos and to learn how the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit can help you achieve the best teeth whitening results.

Tips for Taking the Best Prom Photos

  • Prom is a time to show off your beautiful, white smile. This is not the day for pouts or duck lips—show off your whiter, brighter teeth in your prom photos!
  • Use an outdoor setting with greenery or flowers in the background. This can be trees, bushes, gardens—whatever you have to hand. Stand several feet in front of the background to use portrait modes that blur out the background and make your photos pop.
  • Stand back and use your zoom mode. This creates a more flattering image of your and your classmates’ facial features.
  • Get someone trustworthy to take your pictures, like your parents or a sibling, but have them use a tripod or other solid object to stabilize the camera for the sharpest images.
  • Get the detail shots. Take plenty of posed shots, but also get shots of your date putting on your corsage (or vice-versa) and remember that what may feel embarrassing or awkward at the time will become a precious memory when you look back at your photos one day.
  • Start the poses by doing some silly shots. Have everyone jump in the air, have them make silly faces, or other goofy poses. This will get everyone loosened up and smiling for the formal
  • Use filler flash if you’re taking the photos outdoors. It will brighten the faces of each person in the group.
  • Don’t forget to take all boy and all girl photos, as well as an individual photo of each person in the group, and photos of each couple, if any.
  • Get full-length photos as well as half-shots of each person.
  • Take tons of photos. The bigger the group, the more important this is. The likelihood of catching everyone with their eyes open and their best smiles on is higher if you have more photos to choose from.
  • Have only one person take photos at the same time. This way, everyone’s looking the right direction. If you have six or seven couples, and all the parents want photos, this can take a while, so be sure to set aside the time so you’re not rushed and you and your friends don’t get impatient. Remember, this is a special memory for the parents as well.
  • Have a good amateur photographer, if not a professional, do the edits. This can be simple edits like cropping or rotating the photo for the best angles and adjusting the contrast, exposure levels, and color saturation. These small adjustments can turn a good shot into a great shot.

How can the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit brighten my smile for prom?

There are many methods you can choose to get your teeth whitened. There are toothpastes, strips, pens, and even in-person visits to your dentist. The CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit consists of two teeth whitening trays, teeth whitening foam, and teeth whitening gel. You can trust our kit to provide the best at-home teeth whitening experience. The teeth whitening gel is strong enough to work in just 5-20 minutes a day. On the other hand, the teeth whitening foam can be applied overnight for a sensational smile. The foam is gentle enough to provide the best teeth whitening for sensitive teeth.

How do I purchase my own CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit?

Our teeth whitening kit was developed with dental professionals to be comfortable, easy to use and maintain, and provide affordable teeth whitening at home. Our patented VistaMaxx material makes the trays easily moldable, yet strong enough to be used daily month after month. Whether you use the whitening gel, the whitening foam, or a combination, you can expect the best teeth whitening results. Order your own CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit today and see the difference in your beautiful prom photos!

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