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Whiter Teeth for Your Summer Beach Photos

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Present a Dazzling Smile at the Beach

Whether you’ve come to the beach specifically to take photos, you photograph your life experiences on a regular basis, or you think the sun is perfect for some great selfies, you want to have a sparkling smile for your summer beach photos. The way to prepare for this is to use the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit in advance of beach time. This is an easy-to-use teeth whitening kit that you can use in just minutes a day. If you’ve been searching for the best take-home teeth whitening kit, we have it.

If you get your teeth whitened at the dentist, it can cost more than $1,000. Even a take-home kit from your dentist can cost around $400. We have an affordable teeth whitening kit that was developed with the help of dental professionals. For one full month of teeth whitening supplies, you’ll only pay $30. After the first month, you’ll only need to spend $15 a month for refills on the teeth whitening gel or foam.

Continue reading to learn some fun activities to do when you visit the beach, and to learn how you can have a brilliant smile while doing them.

15 Activities to do at the Beach in Addition to Swimming

  1. Get the whole group - adults and kids - to help make not just a sand castle, but a sand kingdom.
  2. Create a treasure hunt for the kids by hiding things around the beach and then offering them clues to where they can find the age-appropriate treasures.
  3. Head to the beach by yourself for a Zen kind of day. Bring your yoga mat, practice your favorite routine, and end with a meditation session. The sound of the waves is a great accompaniment.
  4. For another type of relaxing day at the beach, bring one of the summer’s hottest beach books (or an old classic) to the beach and enjoy reading in the sun.
  5. Whether you’re part of a group of adults or a group with kids, have fun flying a kite as you swim out in the water. Be careful not to get it stuck on trees near the shore!
  6. Get all your friends or neighbors together and have a beach barbecue party.
  7. Try a new water sport. From kite surfing to jet skiing, there are many fun ways to be on the water.
  8. If you’re at the ocean, take it up a notch and learn to surf or boogie board.
  9. There are plenty of games you can play at the beach, but volleyball is a classic that’s always fun with a group of friends. Didn’t come with a group of friends? Join in on another group’s volleyball game—there’s always room for more.
  10. If you’re at the ocean, look for beautiful seashells. If you’re at one of the Great Lakes, look for lovely, smooth rocks of all sizes, shapes, and colors. Bring a collection home and display proudly.
  11. If you’re at an annual beach spot, create a time capsule from the day, with everybody contributing. Make sure it’s watertight, bury it, and take a picture of the spot it’s buried or record the geographic coordinates. Look for the time capsule next year when you come to the same spot.
  12. Another classic beach game is Frisbee. Play with the friends you brought, the friends you make, or your dog if it’s a pet-friendly beach.
  13. If there are trails nearby, take a hike, see some beautiful scenery, and cool off afterwards in the water.
  14. Get together with family or friends for a potluck picnic. Assign everybody a type of food to bring and enjoy tasty snacks in between swimming times.
  15. If you’re stuck with what to do when the lifeguard calls, “Everybody out of the water,” play a game of tic-tac-toe in the sand with your kids or friends.

How can the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit give me a whiter smile for the beach?

The CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit comes with everything you need to whiten your teeth. There are two customizable teeth whitening trays, teeth whitening foam, and teeth whitening gel. The gel can be used to whiten your teeth in just 5-20 minutes per day. If you need teeth whitening for sensitive teeth, the whitening foam is the perfect solution. It’s gentler than the gel, and you can use it to whiten your teeth overnight. The chemicals work by breaking up the stains on your teeth into smaller particles until the whiteness of your teeth shines through.

Where can I get a CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit?

There’s no reason your summer beach photos should be less than perfect, and your bright, white smile can make all the difference. Order your CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit today to start seeing the difference for yourself!

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