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Dazzle Your YouTube Viewers With Your Bright White Smile

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Do you have a skill that you’d love to share with others? Maybe you’re an expert at a certain DIY art or craft or a DIY household repair. One way people like to share these skills is through YouTube videos. Some YouTube videos only show the person’s hands as they make the craft or do the repair, but the most popular videos feature the creator’s face with a happy smile. If you’d like a brighter, whiter smile for your YouTube DIY videos, you should get our CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit. You’ll have complete confidence that your smile is as dazzling as your skills.

Tips for Creating Your First YouTube Video

  1. Research your competitors. Knowing what people are putting out in a similar area and what is the most popular can give you ideas on how to make your video.
  2. Research relevant keywords. Add intentional keywords to your title to drive traffic to your video when someone searches “how to make a paper bag pumpkin” or “how to paint the bathroom.”
  3. Choose your location wisely. Some locations are a given. If you’re shooting a how-to on tiling your bathroom, that’s where you’ll film. If not, choose a visually pleasing, spare, non-distracting background.
  4. Prepare for your video. Write and memorize (mostly) a script and place it behind the camera in case you need to glance at it occasionally, if at all.
  5. Your smartphone probably has video capability that is good enough quality for an amateur YouTube video. Test your audio, because you may not need to use a separate microphone.
  6. Check your lighting. Make sure there are no unwanted shadows in your video, making it hard for viewers to see the process you’re working so hard to show them.
  7. Choose your editing software. Some computers come with free editing software. If yours doesn’t, there are plenty of editing programs you can get for a reasonable price online.
  8. Create an interesting introductory sequence. If you have branding, music, logos, etc., include them. Make sure to pull people in visually since many people will get their first glance at your video without sound. When you edit the intro, does it grab your interest both visually and audibly? Perfect.
  9. Also create an interesting outro. Make sure to include a call to action. Tell your viewers to subscribe to your channel, watch another video, leave a comment, leave a photo of the project once they’ve completed it. This is another place for graphics and music clips likely to please your intended audience.
  10. Make an impact with your title. If you’re making a video on how to make a pop-up baby photo album for either boys or girls, include that in your title. If you just say “photo album,” your title won’t be specific enough for people to find, or click on, your video.
  11. Write a description packed with keywords and phrases for search engine optimization (SEO).
  12. Use the tags available to you to pack in more keyword phrases. You can include “how to change John Deere tractor oil,” “changing tractor oil on a John Deere,” and other iterations so that you can catch people who type various versions of the same question into their search browser.
  13. Pick a catchy thumbnail. Include the title of the video on the thumbnail and an eye-catching graphic.

How the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit Can Give You a Whiter Smile for Your Video

If you haven’t whitened your teeth before, you may want to consider doing so to present a brighter, whiter smile on your video. Once people have seen a few videos, your great personality and expert tips will be enough to bring them back to you. But to draw them in initially, you have to make as good a visual appearance as possible. That includes a big, bright smile. Studies show that people trust people who smile more than those who don’t. In a video, you have a chance to show off a sincere smile and gain the immediate trust of your audience.

The CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit is the best teeth whitening kit you can take home. The teeth whitening trays are made of VistaMaxx, a patented material that was developed with dental professionals to provide comfort and a custom fit. They’re simple to mold to your smile, and unlike other teeth whitening kits, you can remold the trays as often as necessary. It only takes two to three minutes to do so. 

Where can I get a CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit?

If you’re looking for affordable teeth whitening, the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit is what you need. For only $30 for your first month, and $15 for refills, we’re happy to offer you this dentist-quality teeth whitening kit. Order your CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit today and see the difference by the time you make your YouTube video tutorial!

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