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Your New Sparkling Smile

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Why You Need a Bright, White Smile

There are many reasons you need a brilliant smile to get by in today’s world. The main reason, though, is how it makes you feel. You can be more confident and smile at more people. In fact, your smile could make someone’s day without you even realizing it. If you want the brightest smile you could possibly have at an affordable price, you should order our CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit

You could choose other teeth whitening products, like teeth whitening toothpaste, for example. However, the whitening solution in toothpastes is not as strong as the whitening solution in the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit. There are all kinds of options available, like teeth whitening strips, gels, lights, and in-office teeth whitening. From a $5 tube of toothpaste to over $1,000 for teeth whitening at your dentist’s office, the price tag for teeth whitening varies a great deal. The best option for both whitening and cost-effectiveness is the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit.

Continue reading to learn some of the benefits of teeth whitening and to learn more about how the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit works to brighten your smile.

Top 5 Benefits of Teeth Whitening

  • Self-esteem. To some extent, everyone bases their opinion of themselves upon their looks. Some things you can change and some you can’t. Luckily, the brightness of your smile is one thing you can control. You feel great when you know your smile is white and attractive. When you feel better about your smile, you feel better about yourself overall. 
  • People are drawn to you. When you greet people with a warm smile, especially if that smile is clean and white, they are drawn to you. Studies have shown that people attribute qualities like friendliness, warmth, and compassion to those who have white smiles. This makes people want to be around you. At the same time, having a white smile breeds confidence, and people are drawn to those who are confident. 
  • Oral health. If you’re taking the time to whiten your teeth, you’re also removing stains and discoloration that could lead to tooth decay. While you still need to continue regular toothbrushing and flossing, you’re more likely to take good care of your teeth if your smile is important to you and if you are invested in having the best smile possible. 
  • Perceived hygiene. Whether it’s fair or not, people will judge your overall hygiene on the whiteness of your smile. If you have a coffee habit and your teeth are discolored, others may assume that you don’t take care of your hygiene in general. Don’t worry: you can take the steps necessary to get rid of the discoloration on your teeth using the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit.
  • Better opportunities. When you’re confident and other people are drawn to you, you may end up with better opportunities in life, from getting the promotion you’ve been working towards to attracting a desirable romantic partner. Again, there are certain qualities that people assume of others with a white smile, and this can work to your benefit in all kinds of areas of your life.

How does the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit Work to Whiten My Teeth?

When you receive your CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit, it will have everything in it that you need to get a new, sparkling smile. The first thing you will do is mold the teeth whitening trays to your upper and lower teeth. You can even use the whitening trays if you have braces. Molding them to your teeth helps the whitening solution stay only on your teeth so you don’t waste any or get any on sensitive soft tissues like your gums or lips. 

In the kit, you will find both teeth whitening foam and gel. The gel is stronger and can be used in just 20 minutes a day. The foam is gentler, and can even be used if you need teeth whitening for sensitive teeth. You can use it up to 5 times a day for a total of 8 hours, or you can just use it overnight in the custom-fit trays that won’t fall out during sleep. 

The gel and foam both work to break down particles on your teeth that cause discoloration. As the particles get smaller, more of your white teeth shine through, until your teeth are as white as they can be.

Where can I get a CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit for myself?

The CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit is perfect for people with or without braces, with sensitive teeth, and with an appreciation of a good product at an affordable price. If you’re looking to order the best teeth whitening kit online today, the CustMbite Smile Whitening Kit fits your needs. Try our kit and see the difference your new sparkling smile can make in your life.

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