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Our patented Vistamaxx™ material is one of the many reasons that CustMbite products are simply the best on the market. The Vistamaxx™ material provides a snug and secure fit to your teeth while remaining flexible, yet tough enough to endure daily grinding. The best part is that you can mold it yourself at home without the help of a dentist, saving you time and money. We use Vistamaxx™ material for both the nightguards and the teeth whitening trays to ensure that whichever CustMbite products you use, comfort and effectiveness is the number one priority. 

Founder + Dentist

Dr monroe Elkin

Over a 30-year period, Dr. Monroe Elkin did full mouth rehabilitation and also the treatment of Bruxism using a nightguard. In 2004 he co-founded CustMbite to revolutionize the ease and affordability of making custom-fit nightguards. He was President and CEO of CustMbite, LLC and obtained a patent for a custom-fit nightguard without the need for a dentist impression in 2014.

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