How To Fit A Mouthguard From CustMbite

How To Fit A Mouthguard From CustMbite

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How To Fit A Mouthguard From CustMbite

CustMbite offers the best-fitting mouthguards on the market. Dentists often recommend nighttime mouthguards to patients who have been grinding their teeth at night. If you're looking for an easy-to-fit mouth guard, then CustMbite has you covered. We make our mouthguards from a patented fitting material called Vistamaxx. It enables us to make a thin night guard that can be remolded without losing its retentive qualities. On top of this, our guards are affordable, easy to care for, and comfortable. They may even help to reduce some of the symptoms that you've experienced as a result of nighttime teeth grinding, which is also called bruxism

Why do I need a mouthguard for sleep bruxism?

Wearing a mouth guard while you sleep may help to prevent some of the health problems you've experienced as a result of grinding your teeth. Bruxing can disrupt sleep, cause headaches and jaw soreness, and may lead to cracks or fractures in your teeth. CustMbite makes an easy-to-mold mouth guard that may help you address these issues. Our guards offer a near-custom dental fit and have a low-profile design. They also have superior retention qualities so your guard stays in place throughout the entire night.

It's important to use a mouth guard that fits well

Let's face it: having to wear a mouth guard while you sleep isn't ideal. However, by choosing the right product, you can make the experience much easier on yourself. Our competitors make guards that rely on bulky materials to protect your teeth. This can cause discomfort, which can lead you to grind your teeth through the product. You may also just take the guard out of your mouth entirely if it's not comfortable. CustMbite worked closely with dental professionals to make a mouthguard that you can breathe, drink, and speak in with ease. Our product enables you to keep your guard where it's supposed to be throughout the entire night. If you're wondering how to fit a mouth guard, keep reading to learn how easy the process is.

How do I mold a CustMbite mouth guard?

Gone are the days of wasting time looking up "how to fit a mouth guard" online. CustMbite mouthguards can be molded in as little as five minutes. All that you need to complete the process is a wet paper towel, a bowl of cold water, and a microwave. Start by wrapping your guard in the wet paper towel and microwaving it on high for 30 seconds. Next, dip the product in cold water for 3 to 5 seconds before putting it in your mouth and biting down lightly. Then, people without braces will press the front of the guard against their teeth. Finally, finish up by closing your lips and sucking for one minute to ensure a tight and comfortable fit. You can easily refit your mouth guard for adjustments.

Can I use a CustMbite mouth guard if I have braces?

Of course! If you're wondering how to fit a mouth guard for braces, we keep it easy. Your setup process is nearly identical to the one followed by people without braces. After you've dipped the product in cold water and placed it in your mouth, don't create pressure by sucking or pressing. Instead, let the natural weight of your mouth do the work for you. Your CustMbite mouthguard will form around your braces.

Other guards lose their retentive properties if you try to remold them, but not ours. CustMbite mouthguards can be remolded as often as you want. This feature is especially beneficial to folks with braces. Your orthodontist may make adjustments to your braces monthly. With a CustMbite mouthguard, you won't have to shell out more of your hard-earned money to purchase a new guard each time this happens. Instead, you can repeat the same simple set-up process to fine-tune your fit without sacrificing your guard's retention.

CustMbite mouth guards are easy to care for

We've also made caring for your guard incredibly easy. Our mouthguards are made out of Vistamaxx, a patented fitting material that prevents bacteria from being absorbed into the product. This keeps your mouthguard odor-free and crystal clear even after extended use. When you want to clean your guard, you can do so by simply tossing it into the dishwasher without any special cleaning products. You can also clean the guard yourself with just a toothbrush and a cup of cold water. Additionally, our mouthguards for bruxing are FDA-cleared and free of harmful chemicals like PVC and BP, so you can feel safe using yours every night.

Where can I buy a CustMbite mouth guard?

If you're looking for an easy-to-fit mouth guard, CustMbite has you covered. Our guards are affordable, comfortable, and may help to reduce some of the symptoms that you've experienced as a result of nighttime teeth grinding. When you purchase a CustMbite mouthguard, you won't have to waste your time looking up how to mold a mouth guard. Instead, you can follow the same setup process whenever you want to fine-tune the fit of your mouthguard. Experience the CustMbite difference and buy the best mouthguard available for yourself.

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