How To Fit A Nightguard From CustMbite

How To Fit A Nightguard From CustMbite

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How To Fit A Nightguard From CustMbite

CustMbite night guards are the best-fitting night guard available. If your dentist has told you that you need a mouth guard for bruxism, try CustMbite. We make the best easy to fit night guard that may help you to reduce the side effects of bruxism. Our thin nightguards are made of a patented fitting material called Vistamaxx that offers a variety of additional advantages over competitors' night guards. CustMbite night guards are the quickest and easiest night guard to mold (and remold), whether you prefer to use boiling water or a microwave. Our guards are comfortable, easy to care for, and affordable. To get a night guard that stays in your mouth and not on your nightstand, buy now.

Why do I need a custom night guard for bruxism?

Many people who grind their teeth or clench their jaw experience health problems, from jaw discomfort and headaches all the way up to sleep disruption. CustMbite night guards provide a near-custom fit that may help to protect against the side effects of grinding and clenching, including expensive dental bills. Wearing an easy-to-mold night guard can help people to sleep more comfortably every night. However, even the best night guard for grinding won't provide optimal performance if it doesn't fit properly. Our patented fitting material allows for a thin, near-custom fit. It provides superior retention qualities, so your mouthguard stays right where it belongs.

Why it's important for a night guard to fit well

Simply put: if a night guard doesn't fit well, people won't wear it. Many of our competitors' guards try to provide protection by relying on bulky materials. Worse still, some are made with inferior materials that don't provide users with a comfortable fit. This can lead to people

grinding through the product or not using the product at all. If you're not wearing your night guard, it doesn't have the chance to do its job. CustMbite night guards have a low-profile design that makes it comfortable to wear throughout the night. From start to finish, CustMbite keeps it simple. Our night guards are easy to fit, easy to care for, and easy to wear. In fact, you can complete the process to fit a CustMbite night guard for grinding in just a few minutes, with no boiling water required.

How to mold a night guard

It couldn't be easier to learn how to fit a night guard from CustMbite to your smile. All you need to mold your new night guard is a microwave. There's no need to boil water anymore (unless, of course, you prefer to. CustMbite night guards can be molded using either method). After you heat your new guard, you'll simply dip it into a bowl of cold water until it's cooled to a comfortable temperature. Then, you'll place the guard in your mouth and bite down lightly. Finally, people without braces will press the front of the nightguard gently against their teeth, close their lips, and create pressure by sucking gently for 60 seconds. You can easily refit your nightguard if needed.

Can CustMbite night guards be used by people with braces?

Absolutely! In fact, CustMbite night guards have a reputation for being the best-fitting night guard for braces. If you're wondering how to fit a night guard for braces, it's easy. Follow the same steps for molding through dipping your guard into cold water. When you close your lips, don't create pressure by sucking in or pressing down. Simply let the weight of your mouth to help your new guard form naturally around your braces.

CustMbite night guards are the best easy to mold night guard for braces, and unlike our competitors, they're remoldable. Our fitting material retains its protective, retentive qualities during repeated refittings, so it's easy to adjust your guard to accommodate orthodontic adjustments or other dental work. There's no need to take the time out of your day to go back to the dentist or shell out your hard-earned dollars for another new mouthguard. Just follow the fitting process again to create a new, custom-fit night guard.

CustMbite night guards are easy to care for

All you need to properly care for your night guard is soap and water. Unlike other night guards, which require soaking and special cleaners, our night guards are made of Vistamaxx, a material that prevents bacteria from being absorbed. It stays crystal-clear and odor-free, even with extended use. CustMbite night guards are FDA-cleared and free of harmful chemicals, so you can feel safe using your guard night after night.

Where can I buy CustMbite nightguards?

CustMbite is dedicated to making the best easy-to-fit night guard for grinding available to all. We teamed up with dentistry experts to find the best solution at the right price. Night guards may help you prevent a wide variety of painful and costly dental issues, including broken teeth and excess sensitivity. Dentists recommend and sell CustMbite guards, and we stand behind our products with a three-year money-back warranty. Once you've experienced the easy customization and superior comfort of our night guards, we feel confident that you'll agree: CustMbite makes all the diifference. Buy the best easy fit night guard for grinding today.

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CustMbite uses our patented Vistamaxx™ material for unmatched comfort. Whether you are using the CustMbite nightguard or the whitening trays, you can achieve a comfortable and secure fit in a few simple steps!