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If you wake up feeling less than refreshed, don’t blame the coffee. You might have a condition that affects your quality of sleep, such as bruxism (or teeth grinding). Bruxism is one of the most common causes of jaw pain, and it’s also one of the most treatable. Wearing a nightguard is a simple and effective way to address jaw soreness, tooth sensitivity, or headaches caused by bruxism. Nightguards can also be used as a part of a treatment plan for other disorders as well, including temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ. If you’re hesitant to try a night guard, you probably haven’t tried CustMbite yet. Our thin, low-profile nightguards are accessible to everyone with no visit to a dentist’s office necessary. Read on to learn more about how a nightguard from CustMbite can level up your life.

What is a nightguard?

At its simplest, a nightguard is a piece of polymer that separates your teeth. They can range from elaborate to simple, and their costs and quality reflect this. Nightguards are intended to prevent the damage that can be caused by bruxism, and when they are worn correctly, they are very effective.

If your dentist has told you that you should be wearing an occlusal guard to prevent bruxism, you should pay attention. Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, but it’s not designed to stand up to the additional strain of bruxism. The grinding and clenching motions of bruxism place far more pressure on your teeth than normal biting and chewing. 

What happens if I take a wait-and-see approach to wearing a nightguard?

Choosing to leave bruxism untreated can be a dangerous game. Over time, bruxism can cause a number of serious consequences:

  • Excess wear on tooth enamel
  • Cracks or chips in teeth
  • Loose teeth 
  • Root canals for broken teeth
  • Damaged dental work

Bruxism is also a potential risk factor for TMJ, a serious disorder that can have a lifelong impact on your lifestyle, quality of life, and your overall maxillofacial health. If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of bruxism, consult with a dentist to learn more about treatments such as nightguards which can provide relief. 

How much does a nightguard cost?

The price for a nightguard for teeth can vary wildly. A nightguard from a dentist’s office can cost hundreds of dollars. Unfortunately, the high cost of a dental nightguard can act as a deterrent, as can the process of fitting the nightguard. In some cases, you may need to return to the dentist’s office more than once, which can be a hassle. 

Those who are scared off by the price of custom occlusal guards from a dental professional often turn to over-the-counter versions, some of which can be had for under $10. However, OTC night guards often sacrifice important qualities like comfort, durability, and even hygiene. 

CustMbite bridges the gap between these two options, offering a custom-fit nightguard for just $50. Sure, it’s more than you might pay for another OTC nightguard, but it’s a fraction of what you’d pay at the dentist. And you really get your money’s worth: an FDA-cleared CustMbite nightguard offers comfort and protection that’s far superior to cheaper OTC guards. 

How does it feel to wear a mouthguard to sleep?

If you haven’t worn a nightguard, you might be a little hesitant to try one. Many people think of nightguards as bulky and uncomfortable, and that’s understandable. At CustMbite, we wanted to change the way that people view nightguards. Working alongside a team of dental professionals, we developed a cutting-edge fitting material called VistaMaxx that allows our nightguards to offer:

  • An easy molding process: Simply zap it in the microwave, dip it in some cold water, and bite. Presto - a custom-fit mouthguard in less than two minutes, with no boiling required.
  • Simple care: If you’ve got a toothbrush or a dishwasher, you’ve got a nightguard cleaner. VistaMaxx is nonporous, so you can brush bacteria and saliva off easily with nothing more than cold water. 
  • Durable protection: VistaMaxx doesn’t rely on thick materials for protection. Our patented polymer provides shock absorption without bulk that stands up to even the most intense bruxism.
  • Superior comfort: Most importantly, CustMbite nightguards are a pleasure to wear. Unlike other OTC nightguards, it’s easy to speak, drink, and breathe while wearing our thin, low-profile guards. 

CustMbite: an affordable, custom-fit OTC sleep mouthguard

At CustMbite, we recognized the need for an affordable, quality nightguard. We believe that if you need a nightguard, you should use a product that provides great protection without sacrificing comfort. CustMbite delivers the best of both worlds directly to your door in one thin, easy-to-care-for nightguard. When you’re ready to wear a nightguard you’ll love, order the best nightguard on the market today.

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