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Reviewed by  Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

How to Treat a Headache Caused by Teeth Clenching

If you're one of the millions of people who suffer from bruxism (clenching or grinding your teeth), you may wake up each morning with a teeth-clenching headache. Headaches are one of the most common symptoms of nighttime bruxism, but you might not even know what the cause of your headaches maybe!

Many people discover that they brux overnight in the morning when a partner tells them about the uncomfortable sounds their bruxism makes. Others are diagnosed with bruxism by a dentist who points out unusual wear or cracks in the teeth's surface. If you've been suffering from a headache from clenching teeth, you need a remedy — and fast.

At CustMbite, our first product was a mouthguard specifically designed to mitigate the effects of bruxism — and the headache from clenching teeth that can come along with it. Now, we offer two of the most effective bruxism guards on the market: our original CustMbite Nightguard and our new CustMbite Hard Surface Nightguard. Read on to learn why mouthguards are an ideal solution to clenching teeth headaches.

What Causes a Teeth Clenching Headache?

Bruxism is one of the top culprits when it comes to unexplained headaches, particularly if you find yourself waking up with an aching head morning after morning. Headaches caused by bruxism are often accompanied by other symptoms as well, such as:

  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Facial pain
  • Unusually sensitive teeth
  • Tense muscles in your face and jaw
  • Abraded, flattened chewing surfaces

These signs are a good indication that your headaches have a root in bruxism. But are there natural, non-invasive ways to treat your bruxism? Absolutely. Enter nightguards: the simplest, most hands-off way to treat the symptoms of bruxism.

Dentist-Recommended, High-Quality Relief From Bruxism

If your dentist has recommended a mouthguard and you're ready to tackle your morning aches and pains headfirst, there's no need to invest in spendy guards from your dentist's office. Unlike other over-the-counter solutions, CustMbite offers an FDA-cleared guard featuring the ultimate in comfort and ease of use. But which nightguard is right for you?

  • The CustMbite Nightguard.

Designed to stand up to mild to medium bruxism, our flagship product is thin, comfortable, and flexible thanks to our patented Vistamaxx material. Plus, it's easy to mold (and remold), and cleaning is a snap.

  • The CustMbite Hard Surface Nightguard.

If you suffer from intense teeth clenching headaches, this is the guard that can take the pressure of heavy bruxism. Made of the same material as the original Nightguard, the Hard Surface Nightguard offers extra protection for even the most extreme bruxism.

Keep Your Nightguard Squeaky Clean

Along with an easy-to-use remedy for your clenching teeth headache, you'll want to find an equally easy way to keep it clean. CustMbite's All Natural Oral Appliance Cleaner is your answer. With tea tree and menthol oil, it's a natural, chemical-free way to keep your nightguard sanitized and ready to wear. Anyone can use it too — it's gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan. Just spray and go!

Reduce Your Headaches From Clenching Teeth Today!

Whether you're a typical bruxism patient or a hardcore grinder, we've got two great ways to alleviate the headache from clenching teeth that can come along with bruxism. Enjoy immediate relief with our line of products specifically designed to reduce the pain of morning bruxism headaches and get a great night of sleep with teeth clenching headache busters like CustMbite's original Nightguard or the Hard Surface Nightguard. Pick yours up today and experience the CustMbite difference!

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Reviewed by:

Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Monroe Elkin got a Bachelors of Science in Pharmacy at Brooklyn College of Pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York. He then earned a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry at the University of Rutgers School of Dentistry in Newark New Jersey. Dr. Elkin owned and operated his own dental practices for 29 years where he specialized in treating oral injuries for athletes, fabricated custom fitted mouth guards and performed both general and trauma dentistry for athletes at Wagner College as dentist for the athletic department. He also performed cosmetic dentistry including implants, crown and bridges, bonding and endodontics. Dr. Elkin has been a part of 3 publications and has held various positions volunteering for organizations that are about sports dentistry and oral care.

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