Teeth Whitening Pain: What Can You Do About It?

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Reviewed by  Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Home teeth bleaching is a popular way of improving the brightness and whiteness of stained teeth. However, many people report increased sensitivity in their teeth after whitening treatments. Teeth whitening pain can be a significant deterrent to teeth whitening, so it's important to find a kit that addresses this problem.

There are a variety of ways that you can go about whitening your teeth, but finding a kit that you can use consistently and without pain should be top of mind as you search. CustMbite's Teeth Whitening Kit and Gentle Whitening Foam are the best solutions for you if you're looking to avoid teeth whitening pain.

Why Does Teeth Whitening Pain Occur?

Teeth whitening pain is often due to the strength or type of solution that's used. Many kits contain solutions or gels that are hydrogen peroxide-based. The peroxide penetrates the teeth full-force. This blast of power can be too much for the tooth's enamel though. The hydrogen peroxide solution creates tiny vessels to the dentin, the part of the tooth that contains sensitive nerves.

Is Teeth Whitening Pain Permanent?

Teeth whitening pain is not permanent, but it is uncomfortable while it lasts. The amount of time it takes varies from a few days to a few months. If you're experiencing teeth whitening pain, there are a few things that you can do to ease the pain while your teeth are healing. Try using a straw so hot and cold liquids bypass your sensitive teeth. Use a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth, and brush gently with a soft toothbrush. And of course…look for a kit that better suits your teeth!

Is There an Alternative to Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening?

Yes! One compound that's just as effective as hydrogen peroxide is called carbamide peroxide. These active ingredients differ in one major way: The hydrogen peroxide burns off its effectiveness within no more than 90 minutes, and the carbamide peroxide can work for up to 8 hours. This allows the teeth to get used to the whitening process instead of throwing them directly into the deep end, helping to reduce the possibility of teeth whitening pain.

What Should I Look For in a Teeth Whitening Kit?

There are many different whitening products that are available, all of which involve placing whitening gels or other solutions against the teeth. The trick is to find a product that is designed to help you avoid teeth whitening pain. You'll want to look at both the solution and the teeth whitening supplies within a certain kit.

CustMbite's Teeth Whitening Kit and Gentle Whitening Foam are designed to help those who want a whiter smile to get there without teeth whitening pain. Our 8% carbamide peroxide foam is so gentle that it can be used overnight. We also provide thin, comfortable bite trays in our whitening kit. These mouthpieces are able to be custom-molded to your bite, ensuring the foam stays in contact with your teeth (and only your teeth) all night long. It also keeps the solution from irritating your gums.

Preventing Teeth Whitening Pain

The best way to prevent teeth whitening pain is to stop it from happening in the first place. With CustMbite, you can get whiter teeth without the pain. Make the leap to CustMbite's Teeth Whitening Kit and Gentle Whitening Foam. It's a no-risk way to try teeth whitening without the pain: We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. It's easy for you to get the bright smile you've been pining after without experiencing teeth whitening pain. Pick up your CustMbite Teeth Whitening Kit and Gentle Whitening Foam today!

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Reviewed by:

Monroe Elkin, BS PHARM., DMD

Monroe Elkin got a Bachelors of Science in Pharmacy at Brooklyn College of Pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York. He then earned a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry at the University of Rutgers School of Dentistry in Newark New Jersey. Dr. Elkin owned and operated his own dental practices for 29 years where he specialized in treating oral injuries for athletes, fabricated custom fitted mouth guards and performed both general and trauma dentistry for athletes at Wagner College as dentist for the athletic department. He also performed cosmetic dentistry including implants, crown and bridges, bonding and endodontics. Dr. Elkin has been a part of 3 publications and has held various positions volunteering for organizations that are about sports dentistry and oral care.

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