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CustMbite: Best Mouthguard For Bruxism

CustMbite has worked closely with dental professionals to design the best mouth guards for bruxing. Our innovative guards are comfortable, easy to care for, and affordable. They may help to reduce some of the symptoms that you're experiencing from nighttime teeth grinding, which is also called bruxism. Many people think bruxism is caused by stress. However, that's not always the case. You could experience grinding as a result of missing teeth, sleeping problems, or an abnormal bite. You may experience more problems as you get older, but children experience bruxism problems too. Dentists often recommend that patients who are experiencing these problems wear a mouthguard while they sleep. CustMbite makes the best mouth guard for bruxism. Our thin night guards for bruxism offer a variety of advantages over competitors' products. They are easier to wear, more retentive, and can be remolded. Below, you'll find more detailed information on the benefits of our custom night guard.

Why should I wear a mouthguard for bruxism?

Wearing a mouth guard may help to reduce some of the symptoms that result from bruxism. Grinding typically occurs at the beginning of the night. When it happens, you may wake up with a persistent headache or sore facial muscles. It's important to address this issue quickly. If you continue bruxing over a long period of time, you could damage your temporomandibular joints, crack your teeth, and wear away tooth enamel. Instead of waiting for these problems to appear, you should take preventative steps now to try and address your symptoms. One of the best ways to do this is by wearing a mouthguard while you sleep.

Maybe you've tried sleeping with a mouth guard before but didn't like it. We don't blame you. Our competitors' guards are often made out of a thick material that causes discomfort. This can lead to you grinding your teeth through the guard or removing the product from your mouth entirely. CustMbite makes the best mouth guards for bruxism because our product has a low-profile and is comfortable enough to wear throughout the entire night. You'll find it easy to breathe, speak, and drink while wearing our night guard for clenching. You may even begin to notice a reduction in your bruxism symptoms after wearing one of our guards.

How can I find the best mouth guards for bruxism?

There are several key factors you'll want to consider when purchasing a mouthguard. First, it's important that your guard is easy to mold so that you can get a tight, comfortable fit. CustMbite bruxism mouthguards provide you with a near-custom dental fit in as little as five minutes. To mold your guard, all you need is a wet paper towel, a microwave, and a bowl of cold water. Wrap your guard in a wet paper towel and microwave it on high for 30 seconds. Then, dip it in cold water for 3 to 5 seconds before biting down lightly. Next, press the front of the guard against your teeth (unless you have braces). Finally, complete the process by closing your lips and sucking for one minute. That's all it takes to set up your new low-profile mouthguard for bruxism.

You can repeat this process whenever you want to fine-tune the fit of your mouthguard. Many mouthguards lose their retentiveness when you try to remold them, but ours don't. For example, maybe you have braces and your orthodontist adjusts them once a month or so. We make the best mouth guard for bruxism for braces because CustMbite guards can be re-fit to your new specifications whenever it's necessary. This saves you from the hassle and cost of needing to purchase a new mouthguard each time your braces are adjusted.

Additionally, it's important to find a mouth guard that's easy to care for. We know that properly caring for your mouthguard isn't always at the top of your mind. That's why we used our patented fitting material to make our guards. This material is FDA-approved and free of harmful chemicals like latex and PVC. It also prevents bacteria from being absorbed into your mouthguard so that it stays crystal-clear and odor-free, even with extended use. When you're ready to clean your guard, you have two options. You can do it yourself with just a glass of cold water and a toothbrush. Or you can toss it into the dishwasher without having to add any special cleaning products. This makes it even easier to take care of the best mouth guard for bruxism.

Where can I purchase CustMbite mouthguards?

CustMbite makes the best mouth guard for bruxism. If you've been dealing with nighttime teeth grinding, don't spend your time wondering why bruxism happens. Instead, take steps now that may help to reduce some of your bruxism symptoms. Follow the advice of dental professionals across the country and start sleeping with a mouthguard that may limit the effects of bruxism. CustMbite's line of night guards and teeth whitening products are the best on the market. Experience the benefits and buy a CustMbite mouthguard for bruxism for yourself.

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Didn't expect to like this guard that much because I didn't trust the microwave fitting process, but I had to try something before spending hundreds at my dentist. I trimmed the edges to fit my mouth better and it fits great! So glad I tried it!


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CustMbite uses our patented Vistamaxx™ material for unmatched comfort. Whether you are using the CustMbite nightguard or the whitening trays, you can achieve a comfortable and secure fit in a few simple steps!